It Bugs Me...

This is an ongoing page of things that DRIVE ME NUTS (in no particular order).  It bugs me when:

1. People say "suppose-a-BLEE" instead of supposedly.  SupposEDly.  Please refer to the following video for further instruction from FriendsJoey and Suppose-a-BLE

2. In writing, people add an apostrophe to anything that's plural.  Just because there's an "s" on the end of a word (and you don't understand why/when to use an apostrophe) does not justify your beloved "comma in the air".  
Example:  Sarah got some pen's from the store.  WRONG.  "Pens" is plural, but you only use an apostrophe to show possession.  The pens aren't owning anything in the sentence.  

Example:  Sarah's pens came from the store.  RIGHT.  "Sarah" is showing possession.  Whose pens are they?  Sarah's.  Get it?  I really don't mean to be an English nerd, but when I see stuff like this in publications (or even more common, in online publications), it drives me CRAZY!

Here's this awesome video I found to help explain it.  In my opinion it's WAY too long, so if you watch half of it, I'll be impressed.  Still, it made a good point.  PS:  Watch for the grave stone!  I would DIE (no pun intended) if someone did that to mine! The Apostrophe Song.

3. While we're on the subject of apostrophes, using one to show possession, and one to form a contraction is TOTALLY different.  It's for this reason that sometimes, "it's" has an apostrophe, and sometimes, "its" doesn't.  Just in case you're reading this and aren't an English major like I am, a contraction is the pushing together of TWO words.  Por Ejemplo (oh, I randomly go into Spanish mode when I remember a phrase.  There aren't many): 

Example:  It's ok if you come.  "It's" in this case really means "it is".  Contraction.  You need the apostrophe.

Example:  Can you see its wings?  "Its" here is actually showing possession, and is NOT a contraction.  You can test this if you're not sure.  Put in the "it is" to see if it needs the apostrophe:  Can you see "it is" wings?  Sounds weird, right?  No apostrophe.  

Another Video:  I don't know why I thought this video was SOOOO funny.  Maybe it's the "English" accent and it's irony.  Maybe I'm just a nerd.  Anyways, view it here:  The birth of the Apostrophe.

Cute baby!  Not a profile picture.
4. You put a picture of your kid as your Facebook profile picture.  I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE I know does this, so don't be offended.  All I ask is that you know why it drives me nuts.  You don't even have to change!  (Unless you see the light and decide for yourself to do so!).  Ok, why does it bother me?  Because a profile picture is supposed to be a picture of the person that owns the profile.  Babies, however cute they are, CANNOT own a Facebook page.  It may sound stupid to all of you, but when I see it I want to bang my head against a wall!  Ha ha ha.  Simple solution:  If you want to share your beautiful child with everyone, include yourself with the child in the photo.  Easy.  Peasy.  
Cute baby,  matching mom, and I know whose profile this is!

5.  No, you may not "axe" me a question.  Come on, now!