Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Half-Birthday!

Today is Hayden's half-birthday...he's one and-a-half!  Just thought I'd do a little update post focusing on Hayden and what he's up to at this point.


Awwwww duu (all done)
mmmmmbob (mom...I think)
Grrrrrr (grunting noise)
Wassss sat? (what's that)


Birthday Candles (see video below!)
Packing Tape
Garbage Trucks
The Blender


Oranges (cuties especially)
CHOCOLATE (he doesn't get it much)
Peanut Butter...sound like his mom?
Blankets (not one in particular, but he likes to have one handy)

What's he's doing right now:
Resting his head on mommie's tummy
Banging two objects together to hear the sound they produce
Dancing ONLY during the end credits of movies or tv shows
Cuddling with mom and dad in bed on Saturday/Sunday mornings
Trying to climb in/out of his crib
Reaching to pull items off of the cabinets and table (knives, food, etc)

Physical Stats (he doesn't have his dr. checkup till Aug. 20):

Tall enough to reach a CUPCAKE on our counter-height table!
6 teeth with 2 more about half-way through

A video from tonight ( I have another that won't load.  I'll try to load it to facebook):

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Ikea Purchase!

Remember when I told everyone I had received a $100 gift card from Ikea for using my Ikea Family Card?  I asked my friends on Facebook what I should get with the card.  Well, we actually went to Ikea and bought something, but I couldn't tell anyone what it was!  Here's the big reveal:

The Sundvik Crib in Gray/Brown.  The crib retails for $119 and with tax it came to $127.  That means we paid $27 for it!  I was surprised by how sturdy the Ikea cribs are.  Everyone has only good things to say about them!  In person, the crib  is gorgeous!  I personally think that we're having another boy (which would be nice because we could use all of Hayden's clothes for the baby in the same seasons he used them.  YES!).  Paul thinks we're having a girl.  (Same as last time!)  This crib is great because it's perfect for a boy, but I think it could suit a little girl very well!  I can totally see a gorgeous, soft coral pink and soft turquoise with it, or a sort of mustardy yellow.  Let me show you what I mean:

Here's the yellow:

I'm in love with the yellow curtains and crib.  Not in love with her accessories!  This picture is from  the blog "Chezerbey".  

Here's some coral/turquoise action:  

I like this Moroccan stencil, but I think I would want it to be bigger.  Also, I would want more of a turquoise than this blue color.  

Refreshing.  Visit the creator's blog here.  
If baby #2 is a girl, I'd probably go with a watered down version of this picture and the previous.  What does everyone think?  Comments.  Please, lol.  

Also...I don't know what I would do for the nursery if we had a boy.  Are there any pictures of nurseries you've seen and loved?  I would love for you to share them with me!  Let the planning commence.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Upcoming Adventures

So this is a crazy post for me to write, but the Kirby family is going through a lot of changes this year!  For one, I've decided to quit the Mary Kay business.  It's been such a fun adventure and I've made a lot of friends through it, but it's time.  With all of our upcoming events, I know that my business will be put on the back burner and will be neglected.  

Secondly, I'm going to be going back to school in September!  I'm taking two classes online through BYU Independent Study to finish my degree.  When all is said and done, I'll graduate from Brigham Young University-Idaho with my Bachelor of Science degree in English with an Emphasis on Professional Writing, and a Minor in Child Development.  WHEW!  That's a lot.  I can't wait for it to be over---my education has been drawn on waaaaay too long!  Another thing to cross off my list.  

The biggest change we'll be making will be happening around Valentine's Day...Hayden will be a big brother!  I am 9 weeks, 6 days.  I have been hiding my morning sickness from friends, fellow church members, and family now for some time... SURPRISE!  

This pregnancy kind of feels like deja vu for us.  We found out we were pregnant with Hayden June 9th, 2010, and he was to be due February 12th, 2011.  With this baby, we found out we were pregnant on June 20th, and he is expected February 14th, 2013.  WEIRD.  We couldn't have PLANNED it this way!  I'm guessing baby will be early (Hayden himself arrived Jan 31st--almost 2 weeks early), so there is a possibility they COULD share a birthday.  Winters are just awesome for our family!  Paul's birthday is 11/5, then there's Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday (12/30), New Years, Hayden's birthday, and then the baby's. All within 2 months.  I swear we don't plan things this way! 

I did go have an ultrasound today, but they didn't give me a picture of the baby.  LAME, I know.  My doctor sent me to this place because he doesn't do ultrasounds in his office.  This place is not really equipped for pregnancy ultrasounds.  They are a breast cancer type of facility, so they do a lot of mammograms and things.  It was super awkward and the technician almost forgot to actually show me the baby, and take the baby's heart rate.  I love my doctor, so I'll be talking to him about going somewhere else for ultrasounds.  I was not impressed.  So anyways, that's why I don't have a picture for you. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hayden goes to the zoo...aaaaand other places, too!

Auntie Angela and cousin Emily came to visit Hayden last week.  I got to keep Emily overnight and have some fun with her---see the pictures!

Notice the binkie in his mouth AND hand.

Before Emily came over, Hayden decided he needed his shoes on.  It's been 100 degrees on average here, so he's just been roaming around the house in his diaper.  Hayden now has some sort of shoe fetish where he HAS to have shoes on.  I couldn't find his Adidas soccer slides on this particular day, so Puma tennis shoes it was!

Emily, Hayden and I went to the park early in the morning.  Our cinnamon rolls that we were going to have for breakfast weren't going to be ready for about 45 minutes, so we had some time to kill.

Emily LOVED climbing through this thing.  No idea what it's called, but she loved it.  I made her hold her position at the end so that I could get a picture...she almost fell on her face!  Whoops.

Then I had her climb the spider web for me.  She was loving it.

My little man 

Hayden started shaking these things like crazy--he thought they were the coolest thing in the whole world!

Here's my boy with the slides.  He used to be so afraid of them, but now he'll whine to get on them!  I'm working on the whining, but this is such a huge step.

Emily on the monkey bars.  Some lady was at the park with her kids.  Her oldest asked, "Mom, why are they called monkey bars?"  I was SHOCKED by her answer.  "When we get home we can google it, honey,".  REALLY?!?  Serious?  Take a look at this picture and there should only be one reason behind the name of the monkey bars.  

Ang bought Hayden a roll of Color Wonder paper and markers.  I was so happy about it because he needs work on his fine motor skills, but at the same time, I don't want to have a HUGE mess on my hands every time we work on it.  So the solution...these mess free markers and paper.  Emily helped him color.  Later on,  Hayden bit off one of the heads of the markers.  Wamp waaaaaaaamp :-/

Later on we went to the zoo.  It was about Hayden's nap time and he fell asleep in the car.  Hayden NEVER sleeps in the car.  EVER.  Not since he was like...8 months.  It was good because the zoo proved to be a little overwhelming for him.  

Hayden loved seeing the animals--I think the zebras, hippos, and giraffes were his favorites.  Near the end ouf our time though, he was hot, tired, and ready to go home!

Just some peacocks we saw along the way.

There are more pictures of the zoo....somewhere....

I think I'll end with a video of our shenanigans of tonight.  Hayden and Paul were playing with the pillows and  hitting each other with them.  Hayden was going CRAZY!  He was having so much fun so after a while I finally grabbed my camera to film the fun.  Unfortunately, by the time I got the camera, the fun was starting to wind down.  Enjoy anyway!