Monday, April 8, 2013

A whole 2 months

Taylor is a whole 2 months as of Saturday!  My fellow moms out there know what that means...


Taylor did so well today!  He was happy to let me take his clothes off to be weighed and measured.  He even let the Dr. examine him without complaint.  While waiting for the nurses to come in and administer vaccinations, he even fell asleep!  I love this baby.

Taylor at 3 weeks old.  This is the only picture I have to share of Taylor right now as my laptop with all of his pictures on it is broken.  My new LCD screen should be here tomorrow!!

Here's baby's stats:

11.3 lbs  (38 %ile)
22.5 in   (32 %ile)
14.8 in   (head...6%ile)
15.6       (BMI)

So...according to this I have a short, skinny, small-headed baby?!?  Ok, he really does have a small head, but he doesn't seem short and skinny to me!  Oh well.  He's cute, happy, healthy, and his nursing jaundice eyes are almost gone.  He has slept 8 hours straight through the past 3 nights, so this is about as perfect as it gets!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Eggs

Deena and I were talking about our Spring home decor the other day and she asked me to do a blog post on my spring eggs.  So here ya go, Deena!

This idea came about when Deena told me about her Easter eggs.  They are wooden eggs that she painted.  I thought that could make a cute addition to my Easter decor (of which I had none!).  Two problems arose:

  1. I didn't know where to find wooden eggs
  2. If I did find them, they would probably be somewhat expensive
This is what I came up with:

Supplies and Cost:

  • Plastic Easter eggs (Kmart, $.75)
  • Acrylic Paint (Walmart, $.50 ea)
  • Soft Paint Brush (Walmart, assorted package of 12, $3.00)
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue (or finishing spray) (Walmart, $2.00)
  • Scissors
  • Old Toothbrush
Luckily I had everything on hand except the eggs and paint.  On this project, I spent $3.75.


Break your eggs apart.  Most are connected by a little piece of plastic.  

Use a pair of scissors to cut the residual connector off.  If you can't get close enough, you may need to use an exacto knife.

Next you'll need to prepare to paint.  The paint brush you choose is EXTREMELY important.  You want a soft brush with long bristles.  If your brush is too hard, you'll scrape the paint each time you paint a new layer on.  See photos below.

If your brush is soft, you'll be able to bend the bristles all the way back with no resistance.  

If your bristles are hard, your bristles won't bend back far and there will be a lot (or some) resistance.

Ok, now paint!  The first layer will be very thin.  The 2nd and 3rd layers of paint will go on pretty thick.  I made sure my paint brush was moist with a little water so that the paint would spread a little easier.  Whatever you do, make sure your paint dries completely between layers or you risk destroying the previous layer.  

This photo shows an egg after 2 layers of paint.  As you can see, it's not quite opaque yet.  

Next step is to spatter.  Grab your tooth brush, dip it in white paint, and run your finger back and forth over the bristles so that paint splatters all over your eggs.  After the white dries, do the same with brown paint.  This will give the eggs a natural, robin's egg sort of look.

Now you're going to have to seal your paint job.  If you don't, the paint scratches off pretty easily.  I've tried a finishing spray but it wasn't my favorite method.  It got everywhere and took several coats. I would suggest brushing on a thin veil of Mod Podge.  When I made my eggs, I didn't have Mod Podge, and I couldn't find my finishing spray.  I did however, have some Aleene's Tacky glue on hand.  It's pretty thick but it dries clear.  All you have to do it water it down until it's thin enough to paint on your eggs and then just let it dry.  Works like a charm!

And the finished product:


The other day I was teasing my sister for "that time she broke my foot".  She hates it.  At least 24 years have gone by and she still gets teased for breaking my foot by my family.  Ok, mostly I'm the one who teases her.  I know she hates it, that's kind of why do it!  I remind her, not because I still hold a grudge, but because what's in the past is in the past, and now it's fun to laugh at.

I'm hoping that what happened in my home today will be one of those times!

Let me start off this story by saying,
I love Hayden.

Let me just repeat that...I love Hayden, I love Hayden, I love Hayden....I truly do, but that doesn't mean he doesn't test that love...often.  I will always love him, but seriously...mommy got a little angry today!  

Here's what happened:  

Today I am coming to you live from Paul's computer.  Why, you ask?  Why am I not using my laptop?  My little two year old threw a fit.  That's why.  And in the middle of that fit, he knocked my laptop off of the couch, breaking the LCD screen and rendering the computer useless.  


So I hope that this turns into a, "Hey, remember that time you broke my computer?" sort of a moment for us.  I hope I can one day look back at this and laugh.  Right now...mama not a happy girl :(