Monday, April 8, 2013

A whole 2 months

Taylor is a whole 2 months as of Saturday!  My fellow moms out there know what that means...


Taylor did so well today!  He was happy to let me take his clothes off to be weighed and measured.  He even let the Dr. examine him without complaint.  While waiting for the nurses to come in and administer vaccinations, he even fell asleep!  I love this baby.

Taylor at 3 weeks old.  This is the only picture I have to share of Taylor right now as my laptop with all of his pictures on it is broken.  My new LCD screen should be here tomorrow!!

Here's baby's stats:

11.3 lbs  (38 %ile)
22.5 in   (32 %ile)
14.8 in   (head...6%ile)
15.6       (BMI)

So...according to this I have a short, skinny, small-headed baby?!?  Ok, he really does have a small head, but he doesn't seem short and skinny to me!  Oh well.  He's cute, happy, healthy, and his nursing jaundice eyes are almost gone.  He has slept 8 hours straight through the past 3 nights, so this is about as perfect as it gets!

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