Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

"Good times, noodle salad," As Good as it Gets.

We had a very laid-back Easter:  a roast, a little noodle salad, and easter baskets.  Hayden got a pair of pajamas and cute little slippers.

These were so cute and I got them at Walmart.  They actually have cute baby stuff now!

Of course, Hayden has found a couple of things.  For one, he has started noticing the t.v.  We don't let him watch it because I heard it can stunt a baby's development, but every once in a while he get's caught staring at it!

So naughty!  Ha ha.  BTW:  don't mind my finger in the upper left hand corner.

Secondly, Hayden has found his fists!  If he doesn't have his binkie, he will chew on his little fists.  It is adorable, but I worry that he might eventually find his thumb and become a thumb-sucker.  

Happy Easter Everybody!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back to Normal Life---and a Catch up of our Week

Hayden and I got home from Washington at about 9PM on Monday night.  It was nice to get back home and have a little normalcy.  I missed Paul and so did Hayden.  Hayden did really well on the car ride.  I sat in the back with him and kept him entertained between naps.  He was perfectly happy until about 2 blocks from home when he started SCREAMING!  It took about an hour to calm him down and get him to sleep.

In Washington.

After Hayden got to sleep, Paul said he had some surprises for me.  For one, he had cleaned the whole house.  He got me some tulips, picked up our new ottoman (which is a huge feet because it was in Pocatello...about 1.5 hours away), finished painting the bathroom, got me a gift card to my favorite store Maurice's, and brought home takeout from Winger's.  I was shocked and so excited!

On Wednesday, Hayden was very happy!  It was so good to see him smiling again.  The 12 hour car ride to Washington and then again back to Idaho was hard on him.  I took a few days to get back to some kind of normal.  Here are some pictures of tummy time:

He can pick up his head and shoulders now!

Cute lil' toes!

Oh his cute lil smile---I love it!

On Friday, my sister Mandy went to the doctor for the ultrasound to determine her baby's sex.  She found out that she's having another boy!  So her little girl Mali'ea is 8 mo older than Hayden, and this new little guy will be about 8 months younger.  Yay!

Today my poor boy has his first fever.  It started last night at 99.1 and went up to 100 today.  We're monitoring him closely and giving him Advil every 6 hours.  Hayden has been having a hard time sleeping, so we just hold him in our arms for naps.  Poor baby!  Through it all, he's relatively happy.  I even caught a few of his smiles today.  
Happy even though he has a fever.

He kept poking his feet out of his blankie!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Just a little update on the Kirby family...

I don't really have much to say, but it's been a while since I've updated the blog.'s a few pictures that we took of Hayden today:
Little Hayden boy :)  2mo.

He looks way too big when he sits up!

Isn't he cute?!?  ha ha.  Paul sat him up on the couch and I was shocked to see that he stayed there all by himself!  He is getting so strong already---it makes me nervous.  I don't want an early crawler because of all the shenanigans he'll get into, but at the same time, I love to see his progress.  

Also, Hayden and I will be travelling to Washington on Monday to see my parents.  Paul will be staying in Rexburg and working.  This will be his first time without seeing Hayden every day!  I hope everything goes smoothly!