Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

"Good times, noodle salad," As Good as it Gets.

We had a very laid-back Easter:  a roast, a little noodle salad, and easter baskets.  Hayden got a pair of pajamas and cute little slippers.

These were so cute and I got them at Walmart.  They actually have cute baby stuff now!

Of course, Hayden has found a couple of things.  For one, he has started noticing the t.v.  We don't let him watch it because I heard it can stunt a baby's development, but every once in a while he get's caught staring at it!

So naughty!  Ha ha.  BTW:  don't mind my finger in the upper left hand corner.

Secondly, Hayden has found his fists!  If he doesn't have his binkie, he will chew on his little fists.  It is adorable, but I worry that he might eventually find his thumb and become a thumb-sucker.  

Happy Easter Everybody!

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  1. His smile is too cute!
    ... You can fight the thumb-sucking, so don't feel bad if you do! People (mainly my in-laws and my grandma!) thought I was mean not letting Ferris suck his thumb, I'd pop it out and give him his binky instead. But the dentist said binkies do less damage, and you can take away a binky... unlike a thumb!