Monday, October 31, 2011

A Very Harry Potter Halloween!

Halloween marks the 1st anniversary of Paul and I owning our own home!  I now love this time of year.  I loe decorating, getting bags of candy ready for tricker treaters (last year we only had 4 and this year we have yet to have any ....and it's 9:40pm....), and watching HARRY POTTER!  I think this will be our new tradition.  We are calling it A Very Harry Potter Halloween. I made that up and Paul laughed at me.  A Harry Potter Marathon is perfect for Halloween though.  And even though we're only on the first movie and Paul has to go to bed by 10:30, we're having fun.  


Hayden has had a hard day today.  Poor fellah.  He wouldn't take a nap---he just screamed.  Very out of character for my little man.  I'm guessing he's teething and possibly has an ear infection.  We go to the doctor tomorrow for his NINE MONTH check up, so I'll have the doctor check everything out.  Because Hayden's been in a bad mood (and because all of our neighbors disappeared at about 6PM), we did not get to take him Trick or Treating tonight.  It just wouldn't have been fun for us or him.  I did, however, take a few pictures of him today.  

I was at the table doing some Halloween crafting and Hayden was crawling around on the floor.  All of a sudden I couldn't hear him anymore.  I looked all around the house for him and FINALLY found him...right under the table!  He had some how crawled under and inside of a chair and was chewing on a cord.  Of course.  

Under the table with his cord.

Yeah, it was fun trying to figure out how to get him out from under the chair.  He was so proud of himself though!
Did you catch what he's holding in his hand....?

My little duckie!  This was Maleeya's costume from last year.  It's a size NEWBORN.  And it fits.  

Look at his cute little duck bum!  It has a little tail!  So cute.

Fun with Grandma Kirby!  She got to hold Hayden for quite a while---even when he wasn't feeling good because his gums were bugging him.  She helped me calm him (the trick is a cocktail of baby Orajel, Tylenol, and something cold to chew on.  Does wonders.).  
Paul carvin' his pumpkin.

LOOK!  I actually got him to smile :)

I was really concentrating on drawing my design on my pumpkin here....yeah....

This isn't the greatest picture because we took it at night, but  my pumpkin is devouring a man's leg!  There is even fake blood all over the leg if you squint.

Paul's pumpkin was a WIFI signal.  HA HA....crack up.

I had to take a picture of my "Halloween Wall" of which I am immensely proud, ha ha.  All I can say is I want to thank all the little people at Cricut...they made this wall possible :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crawling, Cords, and Colorado

Yesterday, Mandy asked me if Hayden had started crawling yet.  He's been army crawling for a while now, but didn't really get up on his hands and knees.  I realized that I had never blogged this momentous occasion (or even posted it to facebook).  Soooooo...I found some pictures on my camera (big surprise...) from September showing Hayden beginning to crawl.

Gaining some courage to get up on all fours.

Hayden's muscles were really getting strong.  When He did this, I knew he was ready for crawling.  

He looked back at me as if to say Ummmmm...I'm not too sure about this mom.  Are you sure I'm old enough to do this?

Annnnnd here's the little drooler crawling.  He looks proud!
Ok, so once Hayden learned to crawl, he started pulling himself up on objects.  When he got to the 2nd shelf on our bookcase, he started giggling!  I looked over to see this:
Hayden looks like such a big boy, doesn't he?!?  He was just so proud.   

Ok, next topic.  Hayden now LOVES cords.  Electrical cords, rope, window blind cords.....loves them.  The cords on our windows are extremely long and need to be cut, but Hayden had never paid attention to them before.  That day, he wouldn't leave them alone!
I caught him in the act. 

Moving on.....we spent the past few days in Colorado with our friends Jake, Rachel, and little Mary Beckstead.  Other than the horribly nauseating and painful migraine that I got, we had a great time.  I got to see Paul's old house in Parker (where Hayden is named after), visit Jake's parent's house, do some AMAZING shopping, and of course experience the pie at Village Inn.  (I recommend the cheesecake).  Anyways, I brought my camera with me but ended up not taking any pictures until the very last day we were with Jake and Rachel, so here are the few that I actually took.  
Obviously I need to make Hayden socialize with other babies more often.  Just being near Mary, he started crying.  If Mary made any sort of noise, Hayden cried.  Ridiculous! 
Still crying.

Hayden finally started to calm down once Mary decided to leave.

Here's a closeup of Miss Mary.  

Aaaaaaand a closeup of Mr. Hayden.  Ha ha...I think he was trying to eat my camera.

Mary took off.  She's a pretty good crawler and even pulls herself up on furniture.   Smart girl!

I LOVE his big eyes and button nose!

Hayden and Mary started to interact.  It was ok until Mary touched my knee and Hayden, again, lost it.