Monday, September 3, 2012

How we KNOW we're having a girl...

Alright, so a lot of people lately have been asking if we know the sex of the baby yet.  Well, we don't.  Not officially at least.  I have an O.B. appointment TO-morrow morning.  It's my first time with this doctor (I had to switch...long story) and so I'm reeeeally not sure what exactly my appointment will entail.  I guess I'll be 15 weeks so they MIGHT do an ultrasound to determine the sex....or they might wait till my next appointment (when I'll be 19 weeks). 

Before I tell you how we know the sex, I'll tell  you what we want.  I really don't mind what we have either way.  If we have a boy, he'll be able to wear all of Hayden's clothes.  Everything will get passed down and worn in the exact same time that Hayden wore them (you know, because their birthdays will probably be 1-3 weeks apart).  Plus, having 2 little boys would make for some great play time once they get older!  Lots of great things about 2 little boys.  

Now, if we have a girl, that would be awesome too!  One of each, nothing wrong with that!  I'm sure they'd still make great play-mates, and that she would just be the biggest daddy's girl.  Paul has sort of been craving that :)  And there's also the fun dressing up and doing girly things together in the future.

So there you go.  Paul's shooting for a girl, and I could care less.  Just looking to love on this next baby!

Now, on to why I'm writing this post:  We're both kind of sure that I'm having a girl.  YUP!  A girl.  I know all pregnancies are different, but seriously it's been different!  

  • Reason #1:  With Hayden, my skin was glowing and I only had 4 headaches/migraines (which is amazing because I'm a chronic migraine sufferer).  So far with baby #2, I've had too many to count.  Poor Paul has had to run to the convenience store many a time for a fountain Mt. Dew.  Oh has to be a fountain drink.  Mt. Dew from a bottle for some reason isn't as effective at getting rid of my headaches.  It's probably all in my head (HA!  get it?!??!).  
  • Reason #2:  Also, I'm having an acne breakout.  So glamorous.  I know.  With Hayden my skin was GLOWING.  Even Paul noticed.  Not this time!  
  • Reason #3(The most important of all!):  Boy first, girl second seems to run in the Kirby gene pool.  Paul's brother Aaron came first, Emily second.  Aaron had Mr. Spencer first, and Anni (SP.?) second.  
So there you go!  I might have more news for you tomorrow depending on what happens at my appointment.  What do you guys think we're having?


  1. I'm rooting for another boy because my boys are 23 months apart and I think it's too cool that yours would be, too!

    1. I didn't realize that!

      When I found out you were pregnant with Milo I thought "Good for her! I don't know how I'd do that!".

      ...aaaaand here I am doing it!

  2. I think its a boy even though your symptoms are different because that was how it was with Wyatt's pregnancy. My twin pregnancy was easier in terms of nausea than Wyatt's. What names do you like?

  3. i like emerson (after Ralph Waldo Emerson)james (after my Grandpa Crawford) for a boy. girl names are not coming to mind this time. i don't really like anything!