Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My 20 MONTH old versus my 20 WEEK (en utero) old

That's right!  I've got a 20 week (en utero) old, and a 20 month old!  This sure is an interesting way to experience having children.  

Hayden is just barely 20 months and thriving.  He has no idea that he'll have a little sibling soon.  He does notice my growing belly, however.  He'll come over to me and lay his head on it, then pet it ever-so-carefully.  It's quite sweet.  Although...there are still times when he'll JUMP on it.  Those times....not so sweet.  Actually, they hurt.  

Getting tickled!

Mr. Hayden is developing so quickly lately!  He's picking up a new word every day (sometimes)!  New words so far include:
  • YES!
  • Snat (Snack)
  • duh-DAAH-duh (Banana)
  • Thk-ooooo (Thank You)
  • Gulk (Milk)
  • Gook or BOOOOk (Book)
  • Suh (Some)
I know, most of these you wouldn't understand, but when he uses the words in context, I understand his little language perfectly!  It's really amazing to witness his progress.  

This is Hayden's "silly face".  Daddy taught it to him and now he will just randomly look over at us with this face!  It's so funny.

 I can't be sure, but I'm going to say that taking care of Lucy (2yrs) has really helped his language.  Since she started playing at our house, it's like Hayden has just blossomed!  He loves having a playmate but always is glad to have mommy back to himself when she gets picked up at the end of the day.
Hayden reading a book during our turn to babysit for date night.  He's been laying down on his belly lately (just like mom) to read books.  I LOVE it. 

Not sure what's happening here...?

I love this little boy's smile!  I laugh every time I see it. 

Ok, now on to the liiiiitle one.  My 20 week old (en utero) is progressing right along, too!  This little babe is due February 17th (take note of the change!), 2013.  If this one is two weeks early like Hayden was, that would make the magic day around February 3rd (just three days after Hayden's birthday!).  So Today I am 20 weeks and 3 days and the baby is measuring at exactly that.  12 oz and around 7 inches long already!  Baby is starting to kick and wiggle, and it's so great to finally be able to feel that.  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by so far! 

Alright, time for the big announcement that you have ALLL been waiting for.  Roxanne Raatz is going to be VERY excited because we're having another BOY!  Hers are 23 months apart and mine will be around 24 months apart.  When Roxanne announced they were ready to try for another baby, and then that they were pregnant, I didn't know what to think!  I thought to myself---I couldn't do that!  How are they going to have two babies so close?

Blue for baby brother!!
I don't know how, but apparently you're supposed to be able to see from this picture that the baby is a boy.  At first the Ultrasonographer wasn't sure...but after taking this picture she made up her mind:  LITTLE BROTHER!

...Whelp....just watch, lol.  
Baby#2's Profile.  So sweet!  He had just opened his mouth like he was yawning!

Hayden "helped" mom and dad pick out the outfit that we'll bring baby brother home in.  After we found out Hayden was born, the first thing we did was buy him a hospital outfit.  I thought that Hayden helping us do this would create a nice family tradition that everyone could be a part of.  (PS:  got this outfit at Babies "R" Us.  It's a Carter set of a onezie, sweater, and bottoms.  Originally marked $20...I got it for just over $12!)  PPS:   I got a coupon in the mail today from Babie's "R" Us.  If I went in and registered, I would get a registry bag full of coupons and goodies, as well as a $10 gift card!  You better believe Paul and I high-tailed it to the store!  Now, I have a registry complete, and $10 in my pocket.  I'll link my registry here and add a tab at the top of my page for easy access.
This baby was another surprise for us.  I'm beginning to think we'll never get to plan a baby!  While I'm starting to get excited about having another newborn around, I can't help but think about how this child's timing is just not ideal.  We're moving in two months (I'll be driving in a moving truck for 12 hours at 7 months pregnant), Paul is going back to school in April, and he'll be leaving a job for another in Idaho that will pay about half as much.  Poor students, here we come! 

At the same time, whoever said Timing is everything anyway?  
Front view of baby's face.  I think he looks a lot like Hayden already!

Sure, it will be hard and full of sacrifices, but we'll be going through this huge adventure together.  I know there's a reason in everything, and this baby was put into our family specifically to bring us blessings.  Everything will somehow work out.  We'll look back at this time in our family history and say, Hey, remember when...?.  

So bring on the camp-outs, boy scouts, hungry teenagers, rough-housing, fort building, Legos, cars, and dirt.  

We have TOTALLY got this.


  1. Yay yay yay!! I AM so excited for you and your soon to be family of FOUR! We moved when I was pregnant, too, but not 12 hours away - yikes! I wish you all the best!

    1. I'm excited! By the time we move back to our house in Idaho, I'll have moved FOUR times whilst pregnant! I'm so over it!!