Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How does one nest and declutter to move at the same time?!?

Alright everyone, this is the week!  Moving day is finally upon us and I just can't believe that it has come so fast.  It doesn't feel right.  It feels like we still have so much to do in preparation for moving that I'm not actually ready to do the moving part.  I think the reason why I'm having so many moving issues is 1) I'm pregnant and therefore trying to feather my nest for the new little birdie to come, and 2) I'm also trying to de-clutter and purge my belongings so that we can fit everything into the moving truck.  Let me explain:

It feels like for every piece of furniture or electronic we sell on Craigslist, we buy something else!  Example:  We sold some old sound equipment of Paul's.  Then we bought a crib.  Then we gave some friends our 2 bookshelves...and bought a dresser.  Sold our TV stand, and bought a crib mattress.  I got rid of about 4 bags of my own clothes that were outdated or didn't fit only to stock up on socks, shoes, and onezies for Hayden and baby.

It feels like for every inch of progress I make, I lose about 3/4 of an inch.  


Fighting the natural urge to gather and nest is really hard!  I find myself cleaning the silliest of things, like the drawer organizer for the silverware.  I don't want to go shopping for things that I think we need because, honestly, we need all the room in the moving truck that we can get.  So I clean the mundane little items that really don't need to be cleaned. 

I have issues.  Simply put.

Also, um, where did we get all this stuff we have and why can't I get rid of it?!?  Books, DVDs, perfume and lotion samples, magazines, CRAFT SUPPLIES.  I think I need to be on "Hoarders" sometimes just taking a look at the bins of crafts we have in storage.  I think I have way too much...but I can't just get rid of it!  I need my own personal Martha Stewart to come de-clutter and reorganize my life.  Wouldn't that be nice?

The best thing I've found so far to help me in this process is Youtube.  I actually found channels of women that teach you their tips and tricks for organizing you home, your family, your finances, etc.  I went through a huge purge the other day and got rid of some Mary Kay stuff I was holding onto, as well as clothes Hayden never wore.  It felt so good.

[As I type this, Hayden is taking everything out of the non-perishables cupboard and putting everything back in.  Is this ambivalence not an exact metaphor for what I'm going through right now?!?  Ahhhh, I love that boy.]

Alejandra from Youtube's Get Organized with Alejandra's Home Organizing Tips is my new favorite gal to watch.  She has some great tips and LOVES to organize with colors.  Ha ha, I love it.  Anyway, if you're bored (or an organization nerd like I am) here's her channel

Last note:  We are moving back to Idaho THIS WEEK.  We pack everything up tomorrow and then leave Thursday morning...early.  We're staying at a hotel that we have already booked and then we are HOPING to be in Rexburg around dinner time.  If you are shipping anything out to us, please use our Idaho address at this point.  If you don't have it, message me on Facebook (or email me...or text me....lol).  At this point I have forwarded our mail, so if you forget and send something to Colorado, it should be re-routed to us.  That's the theory, anyways!


  1. I moved when I was 5 months pregnant with Milo, I totally feel you! Just think next week you'll be unpacking and have a fresh start to get everything organized just the way you want it. And then create a nursery! :)

    1. Roxanne--ok, so it took about a week to get internet, and i kind of forgot about my blog till just now! So I'm just now seeing your comment. You are so right though! We got moved in to our house and things are just organizing themselves. I love it! This nursery is going to rock!!!

  2. Gotcha beat. We were in the middle of moving, Paul was born, closing papers for sale of home signed in hospital, Paul sleeps first night sold home in dresser drawer, then move to new house. That was fun...yea right.

    1. ha ha, that sounds fun. paul just started out as a difficult child, didn't he?!?