Friday, February 11, 2011

Catching Up: The only Souvenir we Brought Back from our Honeymoon...

I know it's crazy, but we didn't bring a single thing back from Mexico when we went on our honeymoon.  It made getting through customs a breeze, although I think the customs agent was a little shocked.  Oh well!  

Well, there was one little thing that we brought back with us.....

Hayden's sonogram.
We found out that I was pregnant when I was about 5 weeks along.  We were so shocked!  It took Paul and I a while to come around to the idea, but soon enough we were both sooo excited.  We even got to shock our dad's---for father's day we sent our dads cards.  On the inside, there was a baby footprint that announced their present was another grandchild to be arriving in February of 2011.  

We got a few excited phone calls the day they got their cards!!

Not too long after discovering I was pregnant, Paul and I decided on a name for our baby.  I was surprised by how easy it came to us.  Paul suggested "Hayden" and I fell in love with it!  For some reason, it just fit.  Then I suggested his middle name be "Parker".  Paul didn't really get it at first, but I told him I picked it because he grew up in Parker, Colorado.  After that, it was set:  Our baby's name (if a boy) would be Hayden Parker Kirby.

...At 20 weeks, we found out the baby was a boy!!!!  

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