Thursday, March 3, 2011


 Yesterday we had a few "OOPS"'s.  To say the least.  

OOPS #1:  Our friends had their baby so we went to the hospital to visit.  The baby was adorable and we had a great time chatting with our friends.  One problem:  while getting Hayden ready to go visit his new friend, we forgot to fasten him in his car seat!  He was just tucked inside!  

I guess what happened was that I laid Hayden in his car seat when we were getting ready to leave.  Paul assumed that I had buckled him in and I assumed that he did the same.  Please say that we're not the only first-time parents to have made this huge mistake!  I am so grateful that nothing happened.

OOPS #2:  While at the hospital, I fed Hayden and noticed that he needed a change.  I handed him over to Paul and gave him the honors.  Paul checked his diaper but he was still clean.  He fastened it back up and started burping Hayden for me.  We were all talking and laughing when Hayden spit up ALL over Paul!  It was everywhere.  To make matters worse, Hayden (with a mouth full of spit up, mind you) sneezed.  Spit up sneeze went all over Paul and I'm pretty sure it hit him in the face!  We all just busted up laughing!  Paul had the most horrified look on his face---just pure disgust.  My poor boys were both covered in spit up!

A day in the life of parents, I guess.

Paul holding Hayden (1 mo.) and Jake holding Mary Elizabeth (1 day).  On the way home from the hospital, Paul admitted that he didn't think he had shaved since Hayden was born!  My mountain man ;)    

How do we know Mary's parents?  Jake and Paul have been friends since they were like....12...(?) and Paul and Jake's wife (Rachel) were in the same mission together.  How awesome is it that we just happen to have babies so close together?!?  My due date was February 12th, and Rachel's was February 28th, but I had Hayden 2 weeks early and Rachel went a day over.  


  1. We didn't buckle Ferris in once... he was older though, in his big boy carseat (still rear-facing though). It's always when you do things out of order that a step is missed. Luckily we only drove across the parking lot to another store and I realized it when I got him out. I felt sick, I couldn't believe I did that!

  2. We slipped up and didn't buckle Lilian in a few times too. Sadly, its too easy to forget that most important step when trying to get out the door.