Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bath Time!

We like to bathe Hayden on Saturday mornings.  I bathe him during the week (if necessary), but it's nice when Paul and I are both able to do it together.  I'm usually the one with the washcloth doing the washing while Paul holds Hayden in the kitchen sink, and Paul always dries him off and dresses him.  
All wrapped up!

Paul drying off Hayden.

I love that Hayden is small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink!  When he was born, Hayden was 8lb 5oz and 21in long, so I was worried that he would be too big!  He is now somewhere around 25in long and 11lb but still fits.  When do you move your baby to the big bath tub?

Thinking about this post, I realize that bath time might not seem that significant in an infant's development, but it is!  Play time is so important!  Even better, I think that doing little things like bathing Hayden brings us together as a couple.  We have a common goal to take care of our child, and doing it together is really special to us.   Later on when Hayden sees his parents working together and happy in doing so, I hope that he'll learn how important a loving family really is.


  1. Lili was never bathed in a sink so whenever you're ready to use a baby tub or shallow water in a normal tub, go for it. I would put her baby tub in the bathtub and use it in there. She loved it.

  2. Awwwww what a sweet post. You and Paul are so cute! I would say that it is pretty tricky to bathe in the tub until they can pretty much sit up on their own. We never have gotten those special tubby thingys that go inside the tub. We are just that awesome haha.