Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Developments.

Hayden is growing up so fast and it's so much fun for Paul and I to see it.  At Hayden's 4 month appointment, the doctor mentioned that, if we wanted to, we could start giving Hayden rice cereal.  I went straight to Walgreens and bought little bowls, spoons and cereal.  Here's a tip for new parents:  never try something new on your baby if he's in a bad mood!  Hayden' did not enjoy his first exposure to rice.  Here are some pictures from today when Paul and I fed him his rice.  It was only his 3rd time and he LOVED it.  I even made him seconds!
And the plane goes into the hanger....

It's a success!

So yeah, the kid loves his cereal.  YESSSSS.

Another development...Hayden keeps trying to roll over.  He's done it before (like a month ago), but I'm beginning to think that it was an accident.  He hasn't done it since.  Baby boy likes to roll onto his side and then just hangs out there.  Usually he finds his fist, sticks it in his mouth, and sucks on it...just chillin on his side.  Here are some pictures:

He looks so long!  Hayden contorts his body but doesn't every quite make it to his belly.

See, there are those fingers.

Cute boy :)

Pretty soon this little boy will be rolling over like crazy!

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