Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He's Getting Too Big!!!

My little bug is getting way too big!  Ok, I know he's 5 months in a couple of days, but we finally had to break down and start putting him into his 3-6 month clothing.  He's just growing like a little weed!  In addition to that, he's also been developing several new skills. 

First, he has found his feet and LOVES playing with them! 
Hayden also likes to grab one foot with one hand while chewing on his other hand.  It's hilarious!
No pictures, but Hayden also found his ears.  It's so cute when he plays with them--he looks like a baby dumbo!  Ha ha.

One of Hayden's favorite new things to do is to do back-bends over his boppy.  Here's what I mean:

Look at that arch!

Hayden's view.  I wonder if he just really enjoys looking outside...upside-down...
My boy also is working very hard at learning how to sit up.  For now, he's practicing in his boppy. 
Sorry for the blurry photo!
 On Saturday afternoon, I caught Paul and Hayden relaxing together.  It was so cute that I made Paul pose for me so that I could take a picture.  Of course Paul wouldn't just hold still, so I got him mid-smile.  Pretty funny.
Ok, now I have a "mommy" question to pose to all of you parents out there.  We ALWAYS swaddle Hayden when he goes to sleep.  It calms him down and keeps him from knocking his binkie out of his mouth.  Now that it's getting hot here in Idaho, (and with no AC :( ) he gets too hot if we swaddle him during the day for naps.  Do you guys have any suggestions as to how to train Hayden to sleep without being swaddled?


  1. You should ask my sister on f/b, Jack was swaddled forever and I'm not sure how she finally broke him of it. Good question!

  2. What a cutie... love seeing him grab his toes! I don't remember ever swaddling my babies that long... they liked to be free and just kind-of transitioned. Good luck!