Monday, July 18, 2011

He stuck his tongue at me!

Yesterday Hayden discovered his tongue and it is hil-LAR-ious!  I took a few pictures to share with everyone.  They aren't the greatest because, the second that I get the camera out, Hayden suddenly becomes demure.  Oh well.  Enjoy!
Hayden's new thing is sticking out his tongue!

 I was trying to get Hayden to stick out his tongue here.  The video is kind of boring...sorry!

Got him to giggle!
 Hayden is also working on wanting to crawl.  Believe's all him because his father and I do NOT encourage it!  Ha ha.  Baby boy can make his body look like a bridge, lifting up his belly and bottom from the floor, but so far that's it.  Hopefully it takes him a while to crawl!
Bum in the air!

He kind of looks like super man here.

If he just didn't have the binkie in his mouth, you'd be able to see his HUGE smile!!


  1. I love that he's kind of cross-eyed in the video! And he's so happy when he's kicking about! And looks like he's starting to get some weight on him???

  2. I agree--he has some weight on him...but I shot him from a bad angle, so it makes him look chunky. OH...and he's CONSTANTLY kicking. He loves it.

  3. I think Hayden and Mary would be good friends. They love to do the same things! She's making the bridge pose all the time too. I don't want her to crawl yet - Jake does though. I'm impressed with the couch to 5k plan. My friend here is doing that too. I might have to join you all. I did a short jog yesterday and I am definitely sore today! Good luck with that! Too bad we're not closer, I would do it with you!

  4. You should join us! Then we can all be miserably fit together! Ha ha. I expected to be really sore after the first day but wasn't. Don't really know why.

  5. Darling! I'm glad you posted photos... I love seeing what he's up to. What a fun phase :)