Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 Tommy:  You can't just go in and out; you've gotta 
finnesse'em a little bit.

Richard: Hey, by finesse, do you mean sputtering out 
sentence fragments and lighting things on fire?
Tommy Boy--

I don't know why that particular quote came to me as I sat down to write this little update on Hayden. I guess it's the whole "sputtering out sentence fragments" that reminded me of where Hayden is in the developmental world. Lately, Hayden has been trying really hard 
to communicate with us. Instead of his normal screeching, Hayden has been making the funniest consonant sounds!

It all started on November 5th--Paul's 25th birthday. We were sitting on the couch and I 
was probably on my lap top. I could tell that Hayden was making noises but I wasn't really 
paying attention. Paul turned to me and said, Did you hear that?!? Hayden's saying 
something! I started paying attention and realized that Hayden was making his first 
consonant noises! Besides being adorable, the sounds mean that Hayden is starting to understand tone and the emotional word around him.

ANYWAYS, the first sound he made was kind of a do do do do intermixed with giggles. Ha ha--whenever he's proud of something, he'll just giggle at himself! After a while, Hayden's do do do's turned into da da da's. I caught some of his da da's on film, so enjoy :) (turn 
your speakers up...he's kind of quiet (it's at about 32 seconds in).

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