Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Foods and Stats.

DISCLAIMER:  So I realize this post will be a little boring---one of those that probably only grandparents will read.  Sorry!  

Hayden has been trying all sorts of new foods lately.  He eats squash, peas, yams, and pears.  We added two new foods the other day.  When we were in Colorado, we went out to eat lunch and Hayden was eyeing my salad big time.  I let him try avocado off of my pate and it was a huge success!  Then he tried tomato and it was the same thing---he LOVED it.  When we got home, I went and bought some avocados for Hayden to eat.  Paul fed some to him yesterday.

Yup.  An adorable boy feeding his adorable son.  OH!  I also have a video.  Just in case the picture wasn't enough, ha ha.  

And now for Hayden's stats.  We went to the doctor yesterday for Hayden's nine month checkup.  I expected that he would be getting shots (since I don't think he got any last check up).  I gave him tylenol and hoped for the best.  Then the nurse said since Hayden was all caught up on his shots, he didn't need any unless I wanted to request a flu shot.  I opted out of it and Hayden was shot free this appointment!  The doctor did mention that Hayden's gums were swollen....grrreaaaaat.....a teether.  It certainly explains his moods lately:  whining, new growling screams, reluctancy to go to bed.....yeah.  I guess at nine months it's about time he gets a tooth.

Anyway, I was shocked to see Hayden's stats!  Here they are:

  • Weight:  18lb 15oz 23%ile (just shy of 19 pounds!  At his 6 month appointment, he was in the 39%ile which is what he was at when he was born.)
  • Height:   28.5in 60%ile (He only grew 1/2 an inch since he was 6 months!)
  • Head :  17.3in  13%ile (When he was born, he was in the 19%ile.  Yikes.)  
  • BMI:  16.3 (At 6 months he was at 15.1 and when he was born, he was at 11.8...just to give you a frame of reference.)
So my little 9month old is...growing...kind of.  The doctor said he wasn't worried about Hayden's growth (especially with a SUPER skinny father....).  Yeah, now you know why I've been feeding him avocados--they are rich in healthy fat.  Hopefully it helps little Hayden gain weight in places other than just his cheeks!  


  1. I love that he eats avocado... Stefan loves it too... maybe it's a "skinny boy" thing!

  2. maybe....yeah he really likes it, but it's been giving him really gross diapers lately! we're going to go a week without it to see if that helps.