Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our December: Found my camera!

As most of you know, I lost my camera when we had the flood at our new condo.  Today, I found it!  So, I have a few silly pictures of Hayden from our December.

I believe this picture was taken at our Rexburg house just before we moved.   Paul put Hayden in an empty diaper box and  we laughed as we took pictures of him!  I think he was having a good time.
Because we moved so close to Christmas, went through a flood, and most of our decorations were packed away in storage somewhere, our Christmas was pretty low-key.  We spent most of our time with great friends and family and just enjoyed being in Colorado.  
After we moved to Colorado, I decided a would put up a *few* Christmas decorations.    I plugged the lights in to see if they worked, and Hayden IMMEDIATELY crawled over to them.  He entangled himself with the lights and I could not get them away!  

This is one of Hayden's famous close ups!  He will let me take pictures of him, but after a while he wants a turn with the camera.

I love his gorgeous blue eyes (thank you Paul!) and full lips.  

As I mentioned earlier, on the eve of Christmas Eve our condo flooded.  The pipe under the toilet of our bathroom had a huge clog in it (lovely).  Since the we are on the bottom floor, we are the ones that flooded.  Paul and I were home in the living room, but by the time we realized the toilet was overflowing, there was an inch of water in the bathroom, down our hallway, and in the laundry room.  Our bedroom carpet was saturated with water.  I mean, if you stepped on it at all, it was squishy and you would see water gush up from the fibers.  Hayden's carpet wasn't too bad.  Just the entryway was soaked.  So at 5pm we called our manager and he almost thought we were joking.  He sent his handyman (Jared) over to fix everything.  When I talked to Jared, I felt horrible!  After all, it was Christmas Eve Eve and people were trying to spend time with their families.  Jared had been with his friends and family making some sort of beer...idk...they do it every year.  The point is that I was taking him away from his plans.  I felt soooooo bad.

After spending 5 hours with us, Jared had our apartment to the point where he could leave for the night and we wouldn't be totally in ruin.  He installed a new toilet (bonus), got up all of the water, and had fans going to dry out the carpet completely.  I was so grateful to have a working toilet again (I had been traveling to the gas station about 3 blocks away to use the restroom!) that I didn't really care about the mess that had to be created by the cleanup.  Everything in our room had to be cleared out--clothes, our bed/mattress/box spring, EVERYTHING.  And, in a condo that's only 850 sq ft, there's not many other places to put stuff!  Paul and I slept out on the couches a midst the destruction and somehow Paul was able to get to work the next morning. We also slept on the couches for the next 2 or 3 nights because we couldn't sleep in a room with two HUGE industrial fans drying our carpet and buzzing the entire night.  It was quite the holiday weekend!

This is at our condo in Colorado.  Hayden and I were getting ready to visit Mama and Papa Beckstead in Parker.  It was Christmas Eve (a day after the flood) and I was soooo excited to get out of our house for a few hours.  

This picture was from a night that Paul was working late.  The night was winding down and I was trying to get Hayden ready for bed.  He, however, had SOOO much energy! 

Cracking up!  I was tickling him.

More big smiles!  You can see that I was watching My best friend's wedding in the background.

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