Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

...get prepared for the longest post of your life...

I know...I know.  Hayden's birthday was ELEVEN DAYS ago, and I still haven't posted pictures.  I have lots of good excuses--we didn't have his birthday until the fifth, my Mary Kay director came to town and stayed with us, and I've been sick for about five days now.  All good excuses, but I still feel bad.  Anywho.....the birthday post:

January 31st, 2012

One of the things I was most excited for on Hayden's birthday was being able to let him try peanut butter for the first time.  It's probably one of my most favorite foods, so sharing it with my lil Hayden got me all nostalgic.  

I put a little peanut butter (when I say little, I mean I barely touched the spoon into the jar) on the spoon and waited to see what Hayden's response would be.  
Right here was where I was sure Hayden was going to throw up .

Then he gave me this great big smile!  Success.
Hayden also got a whole chocolate chip cookie on his birthday.  He LOVED it!

February 3rd, 2012

Every night since his birthday, I had tried to get Hayden to open at least one present.  Wasn't too successful on that one.  Paul was working till 7 or 8 pm every night and, being that Hayden goes to bed at 6:30, he couldn't wait up for Paul.  This meant our days were spent just normally.  The pictures below show you what our normal is:
Thaaat's right.  Hayden gets into the cabinet under the sink (where all of the  cleaning supplies are) a few times every day.

Oooooh look:  Clorox wipes.

Hayden also likes to hold on to the edge of the TV cabinet.  I love it because he has these cute, skinny little legs.  He's also not quite tall enough so he stands on his tippy-toes!  Reminds of when I was little.  I used to walk around on my toes so I could practice being a ballerina (which is what I was going to be when I grew up someday).  I think people thought I had some sort of condition...

Look at those tippy-toes!

February 5th, 2012

So I had this great idea (ok, it was from pinterest.  What isn't these days?!?) to make Hayden's cupcakes using only a box of cake mix and a can of pop.  Now, I'm pretty sure that I have seen this before, but I could NOT get it to turn out.  First, I tried.  Then out of desperation, I had Paul give it a go.  This is what we came up with.
Aren't these sad?

Superbowl Birthday Party!  We had Hayden's party at the Beckstead's house.  

I'm so glad that I put most of Hayden's gifts in bags instead of wrapping them.   It was easier (and I think more fun) for him to pull tissue paper out than to rip paper.

And Miss Mary helped Hayden unwrap.  That girl is good!

Farm animals from Aunty Mandy.

...Not sure how this happened...

A Sock Monkey from mom and dad.

Two best buds having the time of their lives!  HA.

Clothes from Mama Kirby.

Alligator toy from Aunty Angela.


Maracas from ...hmmm...actually I forget.  I think these are from my parents....?  

The maracas were a HUGE hit.  Not just with Hayden, but with Jake.  He even  hid them when we went home so that he could play with them more!  wink ;)

See?  Mary totally has the unwrapping thing down!

Jake was enjoying a good read from one of the books that Aunty Deena sent.

Jake and the maracas!  He sang La Cucaracha to us.  And yes, he knows every.  single.  word.  :D

The dance moves!

Still holding on to a maraca.
 After presents we had cake.  Hayden got a HUGE slice of his own double chocolate cake.  My advice to parents on your child's first birthday:  Strip them.  I made the mistake of keeping him in his onezie and jeans.

We wanted to take a picture of us with some of the frosting on our fingers.

During the picture, Hayden started sucking the frosting off of my finger!  Hilarious!

After I took this picture, I decided Hayden had had enough.  Poor little guy!  He was SOOO hyper.

We bathed Hayden in the Beckstead's kitchen sink.  Notice the color of the water.

He was so happy and excited!  Not long after this picture, he started splashing water EVERYWHERE!  

FINALLY we had the big sugar crash.  Hayden just laid down on his daddy .  

I love my boys!
PS:  Hayden's 1 year old pictures will be here on the 17th.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Happy Birthday Hayden! The cake pictures are a RIOT! Haha. And he's the sweetest boy laying on his dada!
    PS You look great and I like your sweater!