Friday, May 4, 2012

This is ME: School Nerd.

Hayden is asleep and I'm really in the mood to blog.  I decided to add a post to my This is ME series.  It's not from the This is ME blog, which you can visit HERE, but I thought of something I'd like to add. So here's the story.  

I was on Pinterest today and came across something for Hayden (for a few years down the road).  It's a pack of activities to keep your kindergartner's skills sharp over the summer.  The nerdy part is that I had something similar when I was that age, and I LOVED it.  My mom had a box full of flashcards and coloring sheets that I begged for her to let me into!  I wanted structure and work.  I wanted to do homework again.  I was SUCH a nerd!  

Fast-forward a few years and I was basically doing the same thing.  I remember we went to a Mariner's game as a family.  Now if you know me, you'll know that I HATE to watch sports, for the most part.  I am definitely an athlete--I love to play.  But I can't stand the boredom of watching a game.  So there I was...sitting in the then King Dome watching a game with no end in sight (seriously, how long are baseball games?  Are NINE innings and COUNTLESS hours really necessary?).  Luckily, being the nerd that I was, I brought some homework with me to work on.  

Proof that I love playing sports!  I was 7 here.

More proof that I am a lover of PLAYING sports...I think I was 14 here.

The Kingdome at night.

Here's the bad part:  it was summer.  I didn't have any homework.  I made it up.  People that were sitting in our section were looking at me like I was psychotic.  Was it my fault my parents dragged me to something I didn't want to go to?  No.  So I made the situation better by...doing homework....?

Nerd alert!

Seriously though, this shows you how much I HATE watching sports.  

Other than the fact that I love doing homework, I am a nerd because of the other slightly weird things that I like to do.  Today I volunteered to edit a British Literature paper on Jonathan Swift.  I VOLUNTEERED.  And I loved every minute of it.  

I also love to be SUPER organized (doesn't mean that I always am!).  I love places like The Container Store, The Great Indoors, and Ikea for all of their organization possibilities.  I have a secret basket obsession.  I use different baskets to keep my candles, socks, camera equipment, extra blankets, etc in.

I would LOVE to have this in my kitchen.  I would so eat more fruit!  (PS:  I currently store my fruit in TWO places:  one, in a decorative trifle bowl on my table...just oranges, and two, all extra fruit goes in a basket--duh--which is either on a counter or on top of the fridge.)

Don't you LOVE this?!?  It's apparently a rack meant for books from Ikea.  I got this picture from a blog.  The lady put it in her kitchen and slapped some chalkboard paint on it (because everything is better with chalkboard paint!).  I love the labels that she made to go with the bottles, too.

Makeup drawer organization.  My stuff is literally just thrown into the drawer :(

OH.  And then there's the obsession with school supplies.  Almost forgot about that one.  I LOVE school supplies.  It takes me hours to pick out the perfect binder that will keep my papers organized for a whole year.  After all, is there anything worse than a binder that breaks or isn't big enough to hold all of your stuff?  Maybe paper dividers that rip....

Mmmmmm...freshly sharpened pencil....

Anyways, trust me.  I'm a nerd.  And I can't stop!

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