Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A visit to the doctor starts it all....

On Friday we took Hayden to the doctor for his 15 month check up and shots.  We skipped over his 12 month appointment because we had a 60 day lapse in insurance (from the new job).  Because of this, I didn't get to share Hayden's stats with you all like I normally do.  Sad, but, oh well.  So here's baby Hayden today:

Waiting for dinner--he's such a happy boy!

As my camera was focusing, Hayden had his finger up his nose!  By the time the camera was ready, his finger was down by his mouth.  DANG!  That would have been a funny picture!

This is my funny-faced 15 month old!  I love this boy.
  • Fruit: Oranges (if I let him, he'd probably eat 2 or 3 cuties in one sitting!)
  • Vegetable:  Peas
  • Main Dish:  It's a toss up between Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches and Potato Stew.  He just LOVES both.
  • Snack:  Graham Crackers and Greek Yogurt
  • Thing to do:  Spin in a circle, climb on the couch, read "touch and feel" books

Eating his mandarin oranges.  He just loves these things!

  • Bandaids  (I was afraid of Bandaids for a long time as a kid!)
  • Flubber
  • Play doh
  • Rooms filled with lots of people (It takes him a while to warm up.)
  • HEIGHT:  29.5 inches  (5-10 %ile)
  • WEIGHT:  21.9 pounds  (10 %ile)
  • HEAD CIR:  46 cm  (10-25%ile)
We gave Hayden a bath tonight after his dinner, thinking that it would calm him down.  Nope...it just made him hyper!

Basically, my baby is TINY.  I am shocked! Paul and I are both tall, so to have a baby that is small is just strange!  We're hoping Hayden hits a growth spurt in high school (like Paul did) and gets to be as tall as his daddy!

Also at his doctor appointment, Hayden had the pleasure of getting 5 shots!  Poor boy.  I helped hold him down while the nurse administered vaccines.  I really don't envy her job!  Hayden kicked her once or twice and she exclaimed to me, "WOW!  I didn't realize how strong he is!".  Ha ha, poor nurse lady :(

Daddy helped towel off Hayden.

Friday and Saturday I kept Hayden on a steady stream of Tylenol and Advil.  Even with that, he was still cranky and feverish.  Saturday was probably the worst--I felt so bad for Mr. Hayden, but I knew that the vaccines he got would help to keep him healthy.  What are ya gonna do?

A naked baby bum after his bath!  TOO CUTE.  

On top of his shots, Hayden is also teething.  He now has EIGHT teeth and is quite the eater.  His teeth, the blessing that they are, still bug him.  Yesterday was the worst day we've had in a long time!  Nothing made him happy--I tried giving him his favorite foods, giving him new foods (like popsicles), Advil, Tylenol, his teething necklace, playing, reading books, flubber....nothing worked.  Plus I found out that Hayden is deathly afraid of flubber!  Awesome.  By the time Paul got home, I was so mentally and emotionally exausted that I just laid on the couch and cried for a while!  I couldn't get Hayden to be or feel happy, and I just felt like a failure!  I felt like he hated me---it was just a really bad day!
One of Hayden's favorite things to do is to be naked and crawl around on our bed.  Not sure why...

My patient husband got Hayden to bed for me (yeah, I hadn't gotten Hayden to nap at all that day), picked up the house a little, and gave me a foot massage.  Totally helped!  AAAAAnd, Paul told me he had the next day off, so today I got to have a Mommy's Day Off.  Is was soooo appreciated.  I went I got my hair done (something I've put off for WAY too long), and did a little shopping--all of which I did sans child.  Paul watched Hayden all day!  I couldn't believe how much good a little pampering and "me time" did for me.  I highly reccommend it--every one was happier and Hayden was perfect for his daddy.  

My new do.  I added lots of highlights, LOTS of layering, and left the length.  It was styled by the stylist at  Ulta.  I never like how other people do my hair!

The back of my hair.  Hayden and I went on a walk--that's why it's in a ponytail.

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