Friday, January 18, 2013

Personality Quiz!

My friend Roxanne blogged about a personality test that seemed to be really insightful.  I of course was intrigued and had to take it too!  There's something about tests that I love--I think it stems from when I was a pre-teen.  I LOVED reading Girl's Life when I was in middle school.  I thought it was so cool and grown up.  The magazine had lots of different quizzes and tests you could take about everything!  I could find out how much of a mall diva I was, or find out what my favorite colors and numbers said about me.  So cool.  Anyways...what was I talking about...

OOOOOH yeah, so I took this test.  

I am:  Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging (INFJ).

That really didn't make sense to me, but here are some of my characteristics:

  • Quiet exterior
  • Holds deep convictions about the weightier matters of life
  • Champion of the oppressed and downtrodden
  • May fantasize about getting revenge on those who victimize the defenseless. The concept of 'poetic justice' is appealing
  • Accurately suspicious about others' motives
  • Is not easily fooled or led
  • Sympathetic to most
  • Selective about friends
  • Has a knack for fluency in language and communication
  • Nonverbal sensitivity to be able to know others intimately
  • Amazing ability to deduce the inner workings of the mind, will and emotions of others 
  • Caught between the desire to express their wealth of feelings and moral conclusions about the actions and attitudes of others, and the awareness of the consequences of unbridled candor
  • Vents emotions in private to trusted allies who are chosen with care
  • Is a true introvert, who can only be emotionally intimate and fulfilled with a chosen few from among their long-term friends, family, or obvious "soul mates."  This is a necessary escape valve , providing both time to rebuild depleted resources and a filter to prevent the emotional overload
  •  inherent giver
  • well-suited to the "inspirational" professions such as teaching (especially in higher education) and religious leadership. Psychology and counseling are other obvious choices

So the question is, is this me?  How well does this describe my personality?

When I'm in large groups I'm often quiet and observe.  I have to ascertain what is appropriate for the current environment and then, when I have something to say, I say it though that particular filter.  Is that weird?  Does that even make sense?  

I am always trying to figure out what others motives are, whether innocent or otherwise.  Between that and being able to read nonverbal communication so well, I swear I should be a private detective!  

Lastly, I've always said that I would make a great teacher.  It's just what I do.  I think that comes from my dad--when he was my Bishop I loved listening to his talks and his insights.  As far as church callings, I'm always called to teach something.  From teaching Gospel Doctrine with the adults to teaching 3 year old sunbeams about God's creations and love, I've taught it all.  

Kay, just kidding--this is last.  Can't believe I almost  forgot it.  I have an absolute passion for language and communication.  I love it and I love that most people don't understand its inner-workings.  Sick and twisted, I know.  I can better express myself through written language because I can edit my thoughts better this way before releasing them.

There you go--that's me!  What do you think about the results?

Quotes from FAMOUS INFJ's:

I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much.  --Mother Theresa

 I`ve learned by hanging out in Hollywood, where I disagree politically with most people, that most people`s hearts are in the right place, and the only thing we have to argue about is the way to solve the problems.--Tom Selleck

Elaine:  Ugh, I hate people.
Jerry:  Yeah, they're the worst.--Jerry Seinfeld

  A lot of times, discipline and hard work can make up for the talent you don't have.--Mark Harmon

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  1. Thanks for posting! Fun, huh? I see you as a teaching personality too. Next we should test our husbands...