Monday, February 25, 2013

January 31st will forever live in infamy! (Or, Taylor's birth story part 1)

(The next few posts are a little late--having two babies now has been more time consuming than I thought.  And just writing that seems like...DUH ALLIE!  Of course raising two little ones takes up your time!  Yeah, it really does.)


I had been preparing for Hayden's birthday since November.  I wanted to get him the perfect present.  Knowing that his brother would be born close to his birthday, I needed something for him that he could do on his own and would keep his attention for more than 30 seconds.  Don't think I'm crazy, but I decided on getting Hayden his own set of musical instruments.  I picked up a drum, egg shakers, maracas, an xylophone,  and a triangle (all for around $2 each!) at Michael's.  I picked up a Sterilite plastic container from the dollar store to hold his new toys and called it good.  Hayden LOVED the present and instruments really aren't that loud.  He can even play with them while the baby is sleeping and it doesn't disturb him!

We were all ready for Hayden's little family party to happen when I went into labor.  Or what I thought was labor.  Or better yet, what SHOULD have been labor.  I'll explain.  I started getting painful, regular contractions on Jan 30th.  I timed them for about 2 hours before I was sure I needed to run to the hospital.  Contractions were 5-6 minutes apart.  Lesley and Lindsay raced over to the house to stay with Hayden and Paul and I headed out.  We had a 15 minute drive to the hospital and, upon arriving, were taken to an exam room.  All the nurses were excited because, now that it was after midnight, it was Hayden's birthday.  If baby was born in the next 24 hours, the boys would have the same birthday!  

Madison Memorial Hospital

After 4 hours and multiple calls to the Doctor  that night, we were sent home.  I was frustrated and kind of shocked.  My contractions were showing to be as painful as possible, as well as regular, on the NST screen (you know that uncomfortable machine they hook you up to...?).  Dr. Allred decided to have me go home and rest to see if contractions would stop.  Apparently the baby's head wasn't fully engaged, and with me being 37 weeks, he wanted to delay labor if possible.

Gee thanks.

My nurse was so nice and apologetic.  She was sure that, if I wasn't back to the hospital in the morning, I would have the baby within a week (AWESOME foreshadowing!).  

So we rolled into the driveway at 4:30am tired as...well....we were tired.  And hungry.  Paul had worked a full day and was exhausted   Poor guy!  We went to bed and I tried to get sleep.  The contractions finally relaxed enough for me to get 2 hours of sleep.  

And then I woke up to a BIG 2 year old who had 10 hours of sleep and had no idea what we had just been through.  Here we go......I thought.  

Hayden eating morning snack.  Not sure why he's not wearing a shirt...


  1. Can't wait to read the rest, you left me hanging!

    1. i'm hoping to get part 2 up today! i got 2 posts done during nap time but i hear hayden stirring.

  2. I can't wait to hear all the details. Where is Part Two!?!

    1. working on it now! i knew if i didn't have part 2 written right away you raatz girls would get on me about it! ha ha ha.