Monday, February 25, 2013

Hayden turns 2!

So January 31st, 2013, turned out to be quite the eventful day.  After making a trip to the hospital and returning at 4:30am (read about that post here), we got 2 hours of sleep.  Hayden was up and ready to start his birthday!  Paul made french toast (Hayden's favorite breakfast) and that seemed to help wake us up.  

Later that night we had a little party for Hayden.  Grandma Kirby, and Auntie Lesley came.  Great Grandma Sutton dropped by for a few minutes to give Hayden his gift, but left to take care of Great Grandpa Sutton.  Hayden wore his Happy Birthday shirt for the occasion.   It was actually a hand-me-down from Ammon's 2nd Birthday.  Mandy gave it to me a long time ago and I've held onto it for years just waiting for the day that Hayden could wear it.  (Mandy if you want it for Maddox's 2nd birthday, let me know.)     

See his cute shirt?

First we unwrapped presents.  Grandma Sutton got Hayden some clothes and some $$ to put into his savings account--which is always welcome!  

Like  his chocolate "Zorro" mustache?!?  Someone had a lick of chocolate frosting!

Hayden got some trucks, cars and a red flannel shirt from Auntie Lesley.  He LOVES that shirt--I think he wore it for 3 days straight after he got it!  

This is THE shirt!  This picture was taken February 7th, the day after we had Taylor.  And yes...Hayden insisted on taking his shoes off at the hospital.  Silly boy!

From Grandma Kirby he received a bunch of shirts and jeans (which he really needed), a book and dvd about farm animals, and a bubble gun.  We can't wait for summer to come so that he can have a bubble war outside with daddy!  

Hayden reading his book.

My family got Hayden a Radio Flyer car and ramp.  He loves the car but isn't quite interested in the ramp yet.  We're working on it!  

This picture was taken about a month ago.  It was he first time Hayden got brave enough to sit on and ride his Radio Flyer!

Aaaaand, from mom and dad Hayden got a box full of musical instruments to play with!  (We also bought him a big dinosaur floor puzzle that came in a cute little suitcase, but he found it the day before his birthday and started playing with it!  I just let him have it.)

Maracas, egg shakers, train whistle, drum, triangle, and xylophone   You can tell I'm 37 weeks pregnant here.  These pictures of me were the last taken before having Taylor!  

After presents, we ate cake.  Of course.  Hayden was so timid in approaching his cake!  It was the funniest thing.  He didn't dare pick it up and take a bite.  

I figured out that he wasn't eating it because he didn't want to get his hands dirty.  Can you believe that?!?  Ha ha, so I cut the kid's cake into bite-sized pieces and he dove right in.  He's such a funny boy!

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  1. Hahaha!! Not wanting to get dirty, reminds me of Ferris! What a cutie. And I love the flannel shirt. It's fun when they start expressing what they like and what they want to wear. He seems so little to have a favorite shirt already!