Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The birth story!! (part 2)

I promised everyone part 2 of Taylor's birth story yesterday and that did NOT happen.  Lo siento amigos!  Yesterday was a difficult day for Hayden, and I've been running on very little sleep.  I'm staying up late at night trying to finish my bachelor's degree and the boys haven't been sleeping too well.  So there's my excuse :)

First time holding Taylor.  He screamed for quite a while before he felt safe.

My big boy!  11 days early and he comes in at 19in, 8lb 1 oz.  For comparison, Hayden was 12 days early, 21in, and 8lb 5 oz.   

Anyways, so if you read my last post, you know that on January 31st, Hayden's birthday, we made an unsuccessful run to the hospital.  6 days later we made another trip.  My mother-in-law Bonnie met us at the E.R. (at 2:30am!) and we gave her our car with Hayden happily sitting inside.  my contractions were 4 minutes apart and i wasn't sure how much time I had, so that's why we woke Hayden up and had Bonnie meet us there.  

My Hayden  boy!  Notice his bare feet?!?  So funny.  He's also wearing his FAVORITE shirt that Auntie Lesley gave him for his birthday.  I love this super active boy!

After about an hour in the exam room they decided to admit me (YAY), which meant we would have a baby within the next 12 hours or less.  we had a nice sleep and in the morning I had my epidural (about 6am).  At 8am the doctor came and checked on me.  Dr. Evans got to deliver Hayden and Taylor as well!  It was kind of cool.  So he checked on me and said in a few hours I'd be ready to deliver.  I had to come into the hospital at 5cm dilated and 100% effaced.  All we had to do next was wait.  I was pretty tired and I kept trying to sleep, but my epidural numbed me a little too high.  It made it slightly difficult to breathe and I was afraid if I went to sleep I would stop breathing.  This sounds really bad as I type it!  I knew at the time my epidural felt a little different from when I had Hayden, but I wasn't sure why.  My legs were easier to move and, like I said, it was difficult to breathe.  My blood pressure also dropped dramatically.  The nurse had to give me a few shots of...idk, something, to get it back up to where it should be.  It wasn't a horrible experience.  I was monitored closely and taken care of.  If I were having another baby, I would still choose to get an epidural.  But when you get one, you have to understand the risks.  They are small, but things can happen.  

Paul Holding hours old Taylor Michael.

Fresh after his bath!  We've figured out that after baths, Taylor's hair gets really fluffy and yellow blonde.  I think he looks like a little chick--quack quack!

Ok, so about 2 hours later I could feel that the baby was ready!  You just feel this intense need to push.  Even with the epidural, you can still feel it.  The longer you wait to push, in fact, the more painful it becomes (yes, even with pain meds!).  I told my nurse how I was feeling and she said to let her know when the contractions that made me feel like I needed to push were getting closer together and stronger.  In my head I was like....ummmm...it's time NOW!  She left my room and after only 2 minutes I was seriously like...ummmm...yeah get someone in here...now...  A nurse came in and checked me.  I was SUPER READY!  I was told NOT to push (which is really all you feel like doing) because the Dr. and my original nurse were next door helping another woman.  I could hear her screams from down the hallway.  I jokingly said to myself, bet you wish you had the epidural now, don't ya!  ha ha, I kid.  I only had to wait about 10 minutes before the Dr. and my room were ready for a delivery.  I think I pushed for about 3 minutes and the baby was out!  (after the baby's head was out I had to wait to push again because his cord was wrapped around his neck twice!  I'm glad doctors check for that now).  So, at 10:17am Taylor was born.  

Hayden is sort of into ears right now.  It only makes sense that he had to check and make sure that Taylor  had some!

Aaaaaaaaaand here Hayden's checking to make sure his own ears are still in place ;)

The next 24 hours were filled with visits from Hayden, Grandma Kirby, and Lesley, as well as a Redbox movie, a "Stork Dinner" for Paul and I, and more pain meds, ha ha.  I was super nervous for Hayden's visit.  I made sure that my IV would be removed before he came.  When I visited my mom in the hospital after she had Lesley, I was scared to sit by or even look at her because of the things coming out of her arms!  Hayden came right in though and made himself at home.  He took off his socks and shoes and jumped right onto my bed.  All he wanted to do was hold his baby brother and inspect his little body.  It was pretty sweet!  

Hayden in his jammies!  Taylor and I went to his 2 week appointment that morning so Grandma Kirby came over to watch him.  It was really nice because A) Hayden HATES the dr.'s office.  We're not sure why, but he just hates it, and B) We also had to stop at the hospital for the baby's PKU test.  I doubt Hayden would have enjoyed that one.

Headed to his 2 week check up!  He did so well.  At 3 days he had lost weight (7lb 7 oz) but then he went up to 8 lb 7oz.  He also gained 1.5in and went up to 20.5in.  Oh, and his head?  It's in like the 10th %ile.  Small heads are good!

Did I mention Taylor can roll to his side?  He's been doing it since about 3 days old!  He just rolls over to his side and sleeps like that!  It's amazing.

Wook at the wittle face!  The blanket was made by a few ladies from church that stopped by for a visit.  So nice!

Big brother and little brother!  Hayden is always loving on Taylor.  He gets so excited when I let him hold him in the boppy.  I'm not sure how much Taylor likes it though!

I love this video because it shows how quickly Hayden can turn it on and off.  And I love his little, "okaaay"!

So, to sum things up, I:

  • have a 2 year old
  • have a newborn
  • have survived almost 3 weeks of having the above 2 things
  • am off of pain meds
  • am incredibly grateful for the family that I have...including a husband that will wake up with the baby at night when my body just won't let me do it one more time!


  1. Awww, him wanting to hold Taylor melts my heart!
    Wow, this brings back a lot of memories of bringing home the second baby. In some ways it's much easier than the first, but in other (more obvious ways) so much harder... Good for you for finishing up your degree, that's fantastic! And AMEN for a husband that gets up with the baby! :)

    1. i've noticed my body has healed a lot faster with this baby, but i have a lot less energy!

  2. Taylor looks so much like your family! I can see your dad and Mandy mostly. He is just precious!

    1. that's funny shelly--that's who we see, too!