Monday, August 19, 2013

Life is going too fast!!

Ok, life is flying past me and I feel like I've been M.I.A.  It feels like all I do is go to work, put the kids to bed, and work on my degree if I have a spare second.  I don't remember the last time I cooked a nice dinner, or fully completed a load of laundry on my own.  

My poor husband!

In the words of Bob Wylie, "Look!....The fam!"--What About Bob.

Someday it will be over.  T minus 30 days.  ish.  Or hopefully less.  

Taylor and his Auntie Deena, almost 4 months.

Anyways, My big reason for my post tonight is to report some happy news on my best buddy Hayden!  Mr Hayden came to me tonight and said "potty?  pooootty??".  I've been trying to get him interested in potty training without making him do it.  He has a determined spirit and won't do something until it's his own idea.
ohhhhh look...NO ONE is looking at the camera!  Hayden and Taylor were sick with colds and ear infections.  They didn't feel good but we had planned family pictures.  So we did it anyways!  Someday...they might just thank me.  I hope.  And don't worry...I just got my hair done!

That being said... Hayden promptly ripped off his diaper and sat on his potty chair.  He's done this before so I didn't think anything would happen.  Then he went #1!  We were both so excited--there was a lot of clapping and laughing.  Then 20 minutes later, he came to me again, wanting to sit on the potty.  He did his business, and we clapped and clapped!  It was great to see Hayden so proud of himself!  

Hayden--2 years 4 months

I hope this success continues...we'll see what happens at daycare tomorrow!!

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