Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 months and thriving! (about 2 months late, whoops!)

(Apparently I never posted this!  Sorry!!  For what it's worth, here it is from about 2 months ago, lol!)

Taylor just turned 4 months on June 6th, and Daddy got to take him to his well-baby appointment.  Hayden got to go along too to make sure his ear infection had cleared up.  It's gone and the doctor ended up basically giving Hayden a 2nd 2 year check up.  Whatev's.  They better not bill it that way!!

I don't think I ever got around to sharing Hayden's 2 year stats--I slacked off a bit because Taylor was born right after Hayden turned 2.  Better late than never??

This boy loves crackers.

A present from mommy on his 2nd birthday.

Hayden about a week after turning 2 holding his new baby brother!  Not too sure about it yet.

Here they are:

29.4 lbs  69%

34 in       42%
17.9 BMI

I'm going to list Taylor's 4 month stats along with Hayden's for comparison's sake.  Enjoy :)

Hayden:             Taylor:
14.8 lbs 50%                   13.4 lbs 18%
26 in 86%                        25.8 in 76%
16 in 14%  (head circ)      15.8 in 5%  (head circ)
BMI 15.4                         BMI 14.3

Taylor Michael Kirby-4 months.

Taylor on his blessing day.  He was about a week short of being 4 months.  My mom made his blessing gown and I made the tie.  Yes.  Gown.  Old school-like.  It turned out really nicely.

His favorite activity at this point-sucking on his arm!

Taylor is quite small, but he is absolutely thriving!  He's talking, cooing, laughing, and rolling over!  It's really fun to see him grow and change.  I feel like he's growing faster than Hayden ever did, but clearly that's not true, lol!

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