Wednesday, July 31, 2013

20 Things no one told us about raising a boy

I have been absolutely ITCHING to blog lately, but I feel guilty in doing so!  I have so many things that I could be doing (like the homework in order to finish my bachelor's degree within the next month).  I won't get into that right now though!  

Right now, I want to talk about raising little boys.  My friend posted this little...article(?) on Facebook called, 20 Things No One Told Us About Raising A Boy.  I found it amusing!  My boys aren't quite old enough to have experienced every single one of these, but I think I get it.  Here's my take on some of the these hilarious situations that will come to pass when raising boys (to read the full article, click here).  

  • Boys don't stop moving:  They sure don't!  Hayden has a determined, active energy about him.  It's special and unique, and I respect that...but goooood night....if he doesn't get enough physical movement during the day he is not a happy camper.
Boys wear flannel.  And it is their favorite!

Boys will cuddle and snuggle.  Especially with their mommies!
  • Clothes Shopping is Easy and Cheap:  Sure is!  Today I stopped at Kmart and bought Hayden a pair of shorts and a T shirt for 2/$5 and Taylor a polo/shorts onezie combo outfit for $4.77.  The kids needed something they could get dirty at daycare.  2 outfits under $10!  Pick their favorite colors and you're good to go.
Threw that onezie away!
That would be dirt in his hand...and what he's sitting in!
  • You will love watching play with His Dad:  Heart melting.  Paul and Hayden have been getting into doing yard work together.  Paul took Hayden on his lap while mowing the lawn on our ride-on lawn mower and it was adorable.  And Yesterday Taylor and Paul were giggling as Paul made Taylor into a human swing (it's not as bad as it sounds, lol!).  
Fixing the Lawn mower with daddy.  (Hayden had to wear Taylor's bib that day.  I gave in!)

Classic I'm in the dishwasher photo.
  • You'll want to mold him into the perfect boyfriend:  YES I DO!  I hope my boys turn out to be great men!  
    Boys....into everything ALL.  THE.  TIME.
  • Boys Love Their Moms:  For how active Hayden is, he loves to cuddle with mommy.  If I'm lying down on the couch, he'll climb on top of me and pull a blanket over us.  Sometimes out of the blue he'll ask for  "kissus".  And when he tries to say "I love you" he has my heart!
Tools.  Boys.  They go together.

Cuddly with mom since the very beginning!
Having never lived with brothers, this raising boys thing is new for me.  But I love it!

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