Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Day! January 9th, 2014

Hayden on the porch.
On the drive home from work and picking up the kids from daycare, I noticed how gorgeous the weather was.  Sure there was snow--a lot, at that, but it was sunny and fairly warm.  NO WIND!  I decided today was the day we'd take Taylor out in the snow.  

The front yard.

Our snow was about a foot deep...maybe even deeper!  This was my footprint in the snow.  

Hayden loved it.  Grandma and Grandpa Kirby got him a new snowsuit and it was perfect for this outing.  
SELFIE!  This one came out a bit blurry but Paul wasn't home to take a picture of us playing, so a selfie was the best I could do.  We were having some fun shoveling snow.

Taylor, on the other hand, was NOT amused.  He did NOT want to touch the snow.  I ended up bundling him up in a warm suit and blanket in his car seat.  Believe me he was warm--when I took him out he was practically sweating!  

Taylor was not a happy little boy--

Hayden has been obsessed with tractors and trailors lately.  He "hooked up" his "trailor" (a mini red wagon) to his car and started packing it with snow so he could haul it away.  

Packing the trailer with snow.

He also tried to help me shovel the walk and driveway.  The shovel was WAAAAY too big for him, and the foot or so of snow proved to be way too much.  Good thing after shoveling my car out our neighbor (I call him Mr. Farmer because I don't know his name and he farms most of the land in the neighborhood) came and plowed our driveway with his tractor.

LOVE him!

Such a great helper.


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    1. Awwwe thank you! i wish i had more pictures of taylor that day but...he just wasn't having a great time!