Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big smiles and a try at crawling.

Hayden is finally his happy, normal self today.  Thank goodness!  Here are some pictures of our smile-y little boy:

This picture was from yesterday.  I like it because his eyes just look SOO blue! 

He had his arms out like he was flying.  

All of a sudden, he got tired and just laid his head down on the ground.

Then he started to rub his eyes---the sign that he's ready for a nap.

Ha ha, nice Hayden.

Then I caught this little gem.  He was smiling with his finger in his mouth.  As I shot the picture, he gagged himself and spit-up.  Nice.
Well, I never found the first video that I made of Hayden trying to crawl (I mis-uploaded it), so I made a new one from today.  ENJOY!


  1. He is darling... what a cutie pie!!

  2. thanks :) hayden still has the same little "v" on his forehead that i had when i was a baby. i wonder when it will go away!