Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Half a year. Half a year.

Hayden is 6 months!  How crazy is that?  It's just so hard to fathom that he half-way to one year already.  I can't believe it.  Yesterday I took Hayden to his 6 month well-baby check-up.  So fun!  NOT.  He was SOOOO unhappy to begin with.  When the nurse took him to measure him, he cried.  When the doctor examined him, he cried, and, as you can imagine, when the nurse gave him his shots, he cried.  It was a HORRIBLE visit!  To make things worse, they are getting rid of one of the waiting areas at the office and making more exam rooms.  After Hayden had his shots and I finally calmed him down, we walked to the receptionist's office to make our next appointment.  All of a sudden, the workmen started hammering something and Hayden burst into tears!  All of the nurses were looking at me like they knew what I was going through and had this "it's part of life" look on their faces.


What a day.

Anyways, Hayden is very healthy!  Thank goodness for that.  Here are his stats:

  • 16 lbs, 14 oz (39%ile)
  • 28 in tall (93%ile)
  • BMI:  15.1
Such a tall, skinny boy!

Today Hayden is not happy either.  Here's some photos of my 6 month old:

He was shocked by the flash of my camera and started crying....

and kept crying...

aaaaaaand kept crying.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Poor little guy! Joey always cried at the doctors office. He just needs some snuggle time with his mama.

  2. That stinks! I'm so sorry! It's exciting that he's 6 months though. Hope he feels better soon.