Friday, September 9, 2011

Old Pictures I forgot to Post....

So, every once in a while I forget to put my memory stick in my camera.  I take pictures and they get saved onto my camera's internal memory.  I didn't know how to transfer pictures from my camera's the pictures just stayed where they were.  Ha ha....I'm so embarrassed to admit this.  ANYWAYS....Paul showed me how to transfer things so that I am now camera literate.  Here are the pictures that never made it to the blog:

So for our first Christmas, we didn't get a tree until like....THE DAY before  Christmas.  Until we got it, I put our presents under our lamp.  It was kind of sad looking, but it honestly looked better than our actual tree!  That thing was so scrawny and ugly!  It actually fell over from the weight of the 5 ornaments we put on it.  So sad.  Ha ha, I can just see us telling our kids someday about our first Christmas.  I'm sure they'll make fun of us!

Hayden was probably (judging from his lack of hair and HUGE smile)  about 3 months old.  HOW CUTE IS HIS SMILE?!? ha ha ha.  Now Hayden has a ton of hair, but back then it was very sparse.  He kept the hair he was born with until he was about 5 months.  Now he has a TON of hair that needs to be cut.  

I love that you can see Hayden's foot through his sleep gown.  He loved stretching it out as much as he could.  I like to think that's exactly what he was doing when I was pregnant with him.

More toes.

He also used to clasp his hands together like he was praying and then just start chewing on them.  Ha ha...I don't know why....

Doesn't this look like Paul?!?

He's so peaceful when he sleeps.  I love that he was sleeping with his hands behind his head.  Also, he's  wrapped up in my old baby blanket.  I used to love that thing.  I can vividly remember sleeping with it during naps when I was 5 in my old nursery, and I always had it with me when I got sick.  For some reason it made me feel better.

Look at his little tie onezie!  Ha ha, I made those for him to wear to church with cute khakies.  I'm not much of a baby suit fan.

This is what happens when you forget that you put potatoes in your bottom cupboard that you NEVER open.  You get tentacles.

Hayden and his friend Cambria.  We went to Paul's summer work party at Melaleuca Fields and watched a baseball game.  It was fun!  Mostly, it was fun because I got to "people watch" all of the crazy people that Paul works with...and their crazy girlfriends!  And of course we got to hang with Heber, Angela, and their hilarious kids.  Ha ha ha, it was a good night.  

I tried to get they to kiss or hug or something.  Hayden barely acknowledged Cambria's existence.  I guess he doesn't  like girls, yet!

This picture was from just a few days ago.  We were trying to get Hayden to sit up.  He sat up for a second and then folded in half like a taco!  I think his head was a little too heavy to hold up.

See?  Taco.

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