Thursday, September 1, 2011

7 Months.

Well it's September and I have a 7 month old.  Yesterday Hayden turned 7 months and, you know's the same as 6 months!  Ha ha, no changes.  He's doing the same things, laughing the same amount, and crying the same amount.  He's so fun--I love that I'm the one (ok, with some of Paul's help!) that gets to influence who he'll become someday.  I hope he doesn't resent it!  Ha ha.

Pictures of my happy 7 monther:

Hayden is VERY good at reaching with his super long arms.  I think he really doesn't try to crawl much because he's just sooo good at reaching.

Look at that happy face!

Another reach.

Annnnnnnd another happy faced boy!  He's such an infant still.  It's kind of nice that he's not crawling, sitting up, or (heaven forbid) walking yet.  It gives me a chance to get used to each of his stages.  
Yesterday Hayden and I went to the grocery store.  He's such a good baby, especially when we're running errands.  He's great in his carseat and very patient while I get things done.  It's such a big help!  When we were in the grocery line and I was unloading groceries onto the conveyer counter...thing....a man walking past our line stopped when he saw Hayden.  Normally that would be strange to me, but I have to say that life is definitely different in little Rexburg Idaho.  People are just generally good natured and sincere.  In the back of my head I'm still cautious around strangers, but people just love people out here.  So anyways, the man stopped and started making little donald ducky noises at Hayden (you know the voice).  Hayden just started full out laughing at the nice man.  And everyone knows that, when Hayden smiles, about half of his face disappears.  It was hilarious and everyone in the line just started playing with Hayden.

While I was writing this post, Hayden found my wallet on the floor and started playing with it.  Yikes.  I whipped out my camera and shot this
I think we're in for trouble!

Ohhhh dear.

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