Thursday, November 14, 2013

Questions about me

My friend Roxanne answered these same questions on her blog and I thought I'd join in!  --Feel free to do the same :)

11 Random facts about me

1) If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend at any store of your choice, where would it be? Oh my goodness...the choices.  I'll have you know I thought about this question carefully before answering...and I still have 2 stores that I can't pare down.  First I'd have to say Lowes....think of the things you could do!  We'd add a second story and garage to our  house, new roof, repaint, new carpet, gorgeous bathrooms....mmmmmm

And then there's Pottery Barn.  nuff said.

2) Where's your favorite place to eat?
Right now...and you're going to laugh...I'm loving Sweeto's Burritos.  It's a food truck in Idaho Falls.  3 words:  Sweet.  Pork.  Burrito.  If you're in the area, I highly recommend it!

3) When not blogging, what do you do for fun?
I always make time for myself at the end of the week or weeknights to do something creative.  I will do ANYTHING crafty.  My latest project has to do with chalk paint!  Other than that, I love to sew, organize, and I love making the space I live in gorgeous.  I'm always switching out decor items so that my home is warm and beautiful.

4) Favorite print magazine?
Real Simple and Martha.  If I'm in a celeb-mood, I go for People.

5) Your life is going to be a script for a movie, who would you want to play you?
Ummmmmm...Amanda Seyfried or Anna Torv.  I think we look similar.

Amanda Seyfried
Anna Torv

6) Coffee or tea?
Bleh, neither.  

7) Book or movie?
Depends on what I've actually got time for!  I love to get lost in a book, but I like to be entertained by a great movie.

8) Camping or a luxury hotel? 
Hmmmm...if it's warm, I love to camp.  Winter camping...not so much fun.  Winter hotel-ing, however is AWESOME.

9) What is the worst gift you've ever received? 
Anytime someone gives me clothes or shoes that don't fit.  Whether they're too big or too small, I know I'll have to make a return :(

10) If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
cereal...for the WIN!  I don't ever get sick of it.

11) What smell do you like the best? 
A clean home.  When I walk in and smell that mixture of laundry going, freshly bleached toilets, Windexed mirrors, and a bath and body works plug-in, I'm weirdly in heaven.  

Specific questions

1) What's one thing you're currently looking forward to? 
Our next date night!  Who knows when that will be...

2) What is your favorite post on your blog?
I think the tale of Taylor's birth was my favorite.  I love those first pictures of Hayden and Taylor together.

3) Who is your best friend and why? 
My other half, of course <3  I ask his advice about everything, including home decor!  And he does the same with me. 

4) Are you a spender or a saver?
I'm a spender...I'love learning about saving, and I think people that save are AMAZING.  I still don't understand how that all works though!  Ha ha
5) What's your favorite joke?
Why is 6 afraid of 7?  Because 7 8 9!

6) What's one hobby you'd like to learn but haven't? 
I love to sew but I'm not awesome at it yet.  I don't know all the tips and tricks.

7) What's your favorite part of the day? 
When I was a SAHM this summer, I loved afternoon nap time.  The boys would be in their cribs asleep, and I would hop into my cozy bed with new sheets and a comfy comforter.  I would open the window so that I could fall asleep to the "sounds of summer" underneath my off white, cable knit, bamboo throw.  Aaaaaaaaaaahhh heaven.

Summer from my window.

8) What's your favorite dish to order at a restaurant? 
Something I don't allow myself to have on a normal basis, like fries...cheesecake...pop...classy, I know!

9) You can go back in time and change one thing without negative consequences. What would it be?
Oh my there are so many thing I would have done differently was take the $0 interest financing on my Sears card.  I chose to take $10 off of my purchase instead, thinking that we were going to put our washer and dryer on my card and then pay it off (we got it at a better price that way).  Well that didn't happen and our $850 set turned into a $1300 set.  Not a ton in the long run, but it SUCKS that I had to learn that lesson that way!

10) Who is your imaginary celebrity bestie? 
Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, and Jennifer Aniston, duh!  Oh, and when they are busy, Jessica Simpson and I hang out and try to figure out what tunaFISH is, lol.  Well....then there's the Will and Grace bunch...I love them too....


11) What's the one movie you could watch over and over again? 
Pride and Prejudice.  You know...the one with Collin Firth.  AAAAAAAAAH, love!

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