Saturday, June 16, 2012

Camping with the Becksteads

A few weekends ago we went camping in the Pike National Forest.  I couldn't believe how gorgeous the area was--if you have the chance, go visit it!  Seriously beautiful.  Anyways, I just now remembered that I had pictures from our camping trip but hadn't put them up yet.  Enjoy :)

 This is where Hayden was imprisoned while we set up camp.  He was pretty good in it for a while, but he eventually through all of his toys out.  Typical.

There's my happy boy!

This is one of Hayden's favorite toys right now.  It's not mommy's favorite (it sings english and spanish and lights up), but it's pretty cute to see Hayden dance around with it.  I love it when Hayden will bring it to me to turn on.  Well, let me restate that...I don't love turning the toy on for Hayden, but I love that he will now come to me to tell me what he wants.  I just think that the communication he has been developing lately is amazing.  

That's French and Mary in the background playing on a blanket/tarp.

Here's my hubby....
 What's he trying to do?  Not sure.  It looks like he's trying to chop down a tree with his little hatchet.  Good luck there, buddy!

 When Paul was collecting/chopping wood for our fire, Hayden was his shadow.  Whatever daddy did, Hayden did (or tried to do!).  

 Hayden's jeans barely stayed on his little bum!  They have elastic inside, so I had them on the smallest setting, but still Hayden's pants would slip down.  (The jeans are size 12 month and he was between 15 and 16 months in this picture).

Bringing his stick to the fire.

Found another stick for the fire!

Aaaaaaaaand more sticks.  

 I don't know what it is, but I have the HARDEST time getting this girl to smile for a picture!  This is like the only picture that turned out.  

Hayden and him's daddy!

 Mary's favorite thing to do was to climb in the camping chairs and arch her back like this.  She would just sit there for a minute and then hop down.  It was pretty good entertainment to watch her.

 One thing I have to say about Paul is that he is a GENIUS.  We had a HUGE fire.  The fire was awesome, but because of it's size it produced a HUGE amount of heat.  Roasting the brats that the Becksteads brought for dinner was nearly impossible until Paul found this HUGE stick.  I call it, The Amazing Brat Roaster-Extender!  I was just glad that he offered to make my dinner so I didn't have to deal with it.  

 When I said that our fire was huge, I wasn't joking.  It was big.  The boys were throwing huge logs of the fire!  It was nice by the time that night came around--you could sit back from the fire 3-4 feet and still be warm!

 After dinner we put the babies to bed.  Hayden did pretty well.  He woke up a few times because Mary had woken up and was crying, but he went back to sleep almost immediately.  One thing I will remember for next time is to bring him a hat to sleep in.  His body was warm but his head would get cold, and he would wake up.  We wrapped a blanket around his head, but that wasn't the greatest solution.

 The next morning I woke up SUPER early.  Well, let me back up.  Paul slept on the air mattress and I slept on the ground.  It was probably the most comfortable ground I've ever slept on--not joking!  Other than when Hayden would wake up, I slept really well.  Paul, on the other hand, did not.  I woke up early (it MIGHT have been as late as 6am) and was ready to start the day.  Paul was...not so much.  I made a fire, changed Hayden and set him by the fire, and started breakfast.  

 I finally made Paul get up because my fire was dying and I thought I needed his help.  I've never really built a fire that lasted, so I wanted him to help me keep it alive.  Paul was too tired so he sat with Hayden.  Thanks honey.  Somehow I was able to keep the fire going and it finally was sustained.  I attribute that to girl's camp.

He refused to open his eyes for a picture.

Mary in her warm clothes.

Me and Mary.  See?  No smile :(

 This was the day that Hayden found the dirt patch.  All he wanted to do was sit in the patch or dirt and throw it.  So I let him.

When Hayden get excited about something that's he's doing, I cannot get him to look up the camera!  Little stinker!!

Well that was our trip!  It was a nice break from our usual routine and I can't wait to go back there to camp again.  

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