Monday, June 11, 2012

How to: Mini White Board

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As promised, here is my "how to" for the Mini White Board!  I featured it on my last post, so if you haven't read it, scroll down and check it out!  My intention for this board is for it to be used in moving situations.  The last move that Paul and I made from Idaho to Colorado was a 13 hour drive!  Had my son been old enough, I would have made him one of these little babies to keep him happy.  Next time you guys move, whether it's 30 minutes down the road or a 24 hour drive, try making one of these white boards to keep the kids in the back occupado :)  (Did I mention I like to slip into spanish now and again...?!?)

Mini White Board

CD case
White computer paper
Baby wipe (dried up preferred)
Dry erase marker

Pick a CD from your collection.  Make sure it's one that you wouldn't cry over if it got damaged or scratched.  

 Remove the insert(s) and CD from the case.

Cut your piece of white computer paper so that it fits inside the cover of the case.  Mine turned out to measure about 5in x 4.75in.  Then insert your paper inside.

Add your dried up baby wipe to the inside of the case (where the CD usually goes).  If the baby wipe is dried up, it won't get the computer paper in the case wet.  Also, I cut my wipe down and only put 1/4 of the actual wipe inside.  The case seemed to close easier this way.  

Add your choice of marker and you're ready to draw! 

Just NOT use a Sharpie on your dry erase board.  I couldn't find my dry erase markers, so I thought a Sharpie would make a great substitution.  Yeah, it doesn't.  Sharpie will come off of glass with Windex and a little elbow grease.  Plastic is much more porous than glass and um...yeah it doesn't come off!  My CD case now has a pink ice cream picture stain :(  I also wouldn't recommend the Vis a Vis pens that are made for overhead projectors.  You need something wet to wipe them off with, and your baby wipe won't stay wet for long!

So there you go, my "how to" for Mini White Boards made especially for long car trips!  These are great for pictionary, portraits, Can you draw a.....?, or even fun trivia games.  Depending on how old your children are, there are so many different games you can come up with to use on these boards.  Please have fun and let me know what games you played on these on your move!

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