Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Moving Sequence: We're here...now what?!?

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What's the first thing that you do when you move?  You've arrived at your new location--pulled into the driveway.  What now?  There is a sequence!  Behold:

The Moving Sequence

Start unloading.  It all starts with unloading.  Unloading actually goes a lot faster than packing, so wipe your brow!  The...harder parts are over.  

Keep an eye out for key items.  You'll want to set up your bedding first!  If you don't, at the end of the day when all your items have made it inside the house and have been sorted into rooms, you're not going to want to stop and set up a bed.  And if you have little ones, they'll need naps.  Their real beds will be so much better than pack-n-plays.  So set up your beds--sheets and all!

Next make sure you can locate your shower curtain, rod, and towels.  Hang those up in the bathroom.  Throw the over-night bags you packed for everyone in each respective person's closet.  Finding clothes and toiletries in the morning will be that much easier!  Find the toilet paper and throw a roll in the bathroom as well.  You're gonna need it.

Did you bring a cooler with food from your fridge?  Transfer that to the fridge now.  Depending on how much ice is left in the cooler and how hot it is outside, you might have to do this immediately.  If you've moving in the dead of winter, you can set it aside with no worries.

I then start to worry about the kitchen.  Everyone will be hungry.  It's just a matter of time!  Unpack essential kitchen equipment--aka spoons, knives, forks, cups, bowls, and plates.  Even if you just have cereal for a snack, you'll be glad that you found these ahead of time.  

Forget where you packed the dishes?  Might have to make a run to the store for some disposables!

Once those things are done, do whatever the heck you want!  I like to get the bathrooms set up, move to the kitchen, and then put clothes and bedroom things away.  In the mean time, Paul is putting the living room furniture into place and making sure we have internet/power.  I try to call ahead of our move and set up a time for internet to be hooked up.  This is a great idea because, in our last move, the dish company couldn't come out for a week, and the internet company couldn't come for 2 weeks!  Being a SAHM, I was bored out of my mind.  Call ahead!

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