Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snacks for the road when you're on the move

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Treats and snacks are ESSENTIAL to a successful move...especially with the kids in tow.  Here are some helpful suggestions to getting snack time on the move right!

Treat Box:  Unless you want to stop at every other exit, you had better have some snacks on hand for the little ones in the back!  In my family, we would get to pick something out every time we stopped for gas.  Two problems--this can get expensive, and chances are low that your child will choose an sorry-looking, gas station apple over a Twix and Mountain Dew.  

This solution to the snack dilemna comes from Inner Child Crochet.  Take an embroidery thread organizer  and fill each compartment with a different snack.  Customize it with each child's favorites.  Include sweet, salty, chewy, and crunchy items (you're going for variety, here).  Once the box is gone, it's gone, so make sure your child knows it needs to last the whole day!  
Don't you LOVE this?!?  Cereal, raisins, nuts, crackers, dried fruit and maybe a spot of chocolate or two would make these boxes DELICIOUS!

Sectioned Ziplocs:  Another great idea that I found comes from, of all places, Mrs. Fields!  That's right...the lady that makes the yummy cookies.  the company came up with a great way to make simple food interesting and fun to eat.  The awesome part is that they kept it practical at the same time!  Check out the picture below:

Put your child's snack in these cute little bags and they'll forget to ask "Are we there yet?!?".  For such a simple, cheap solution, it sure does a great job at making the moving process easier.  You can pre-pack your children's snacks and lunch, and seperate wet and dry---no soggy crackers.  AWESOME.  

DIY Snack Bag:  My last snack idea comes from this blog.  She actually made her own reusable snack backs.  Here's why I like this idea:  I can reuse a bag that I made...but reusing a plastic Ziploc baggie?  NOT going to happen.  Plus these are thicker.  You can put your chips/crackers in it and they should stand up better in your lunch pail.  Refer to the blog for the tutorial, but basically all you need is some fabric (I think I would use oil cloth), Velcro, and a sewing machine.  

I am pro-ANYTHING that makes the moving process easier, however I hope that you have found my research helpful whether you are moving or not.  Any other suggestions from parents (or children!) on the snack situation while moving?  Put them in the comments!

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