Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Toy!

A few days ago I got a surprise package from (Hayden's) Aunty Deena.  Inside was a fun shape sorter toy from Ikea, and a toothbrush and flossers from my mom.  It was such a good surprise!
Hayden playing with his new shape sorter.

Know what this picture says to me?  I have too many toys!  

Hayden was so funny!  I tried to get him to look up at the camera so I could get a picture of his face, but he was so happy playing that he didn't have time to look!  You should have heard me, Hayden!  Hayden!  Look at me!  Look at mom!  Hayden!  What's that?  Is that a new toy?  Hayden, look at me!.  Nothing...till this picture.

I love what he does to his lips when he is concentrating!  So funny.
Haden played with this thing for at least 20 minutes straight without any help from me.  That was nothing short of amazing!  Thank you deena for the new toy--the competition for best aunt has started!!

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