Friday, March 15, 2013


Our Friday was pretty normal.  It consisted of naps, diaper changes, snacks, and reading books.  Aaaaand a little visit from Auntie Lesley.  While I was nursing Taylor, Hayden decided  he was hungry, and couldn't wait.  He took the applesauce out of the fridge, got a spoon out of the drawer, and a clean bowl out of the dishwasher.  All I had to do was pour!  Silly boy.

After that I changed Taylor's diaper.  Why is it that whenever you put your baby in their cutest outfit that they always seem to poop on it?!?  I had to change Taylor's clothes and decided I would give him some tummy time.  

He's not a huge fan.  But I thought these pictures would be fun to look at someday, and they look SOOO much like Hayden!

Taylor 5 weeks 2 days
Here's a picture of Hayden at about the same age:

Hayden at 5 weeks...ish

Happy Friday everyone!