Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Hoppy" Easter!

I love to quote C.S. Lewis at Christmas and Easter time, and this is probably my favorite quotation of his:

"He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less." ---C.S. Lewis

How fitting is that for Easter?!?  I love that we celebrate the resurrection of the Savior that, in turn, makes our own resurrection possible.  I love that we celebrate this gift during Spring--the season of renewal--when plants seem to come back to life and little bunnies and chicks are born.  How fitting is it that we celebrate resurrection during the season when everything returns?

The Kirby family has had a very fun Easter morning, filled with our friends Reese's and Cadbury (LOL...I should mention our church doesn't start till 1:30pm) !  Seriously...Paul and I just shared a Reese's egg that was so big, it had FOUR SERVINGS at 220 calories EACH!  But, that's allowed on Easter morning (I skipped breakfast so that I could endulge).  Leading up to Easter, we received TWO packages--one from my parents and one from Deena.  There was so much in the packages that I didn't have to buy much to help fill the boy's Easter baskets.

Easter kisses from big brother!

To start off our Easter adventure, I tried to get a picture of the boys in their jammies together.  Auntie Deena bought them and they are adorable!  Cute little duckies in the bathtub!  

Hayden was being his two-year-old self and, as soon as he knew I wanted him to do something, he didn't want to do it!  All I wanted a picture of was the boy holding Taylor.  This is as close as I got!

Hayden thought that the baby laying on him was SO FUNNY!  He couldn't help from laughing the whole time.

One of my favorite Easter candies is the cream Cadbury Egg.  I'm proud to announce it's one of Hayden's too!  Auntie Deena sent these and Hayden ate them in ONE BITE!  We let him have 2 this morning.  My mom sent some Cadbury Carmel mini eggs, but I let Lesley have those.  They are her favorite!

Hayden also got a spade, hand rake, and gloves (not pictured) for the Garden from Deena.  We're planting a garden this year (cross your fingers!).  I hope he'll help me in the garden and not dig everything up after I plant it!  

His beloved mini Cadbury Egg.

Hayden decided that he wanted to eat one of his eggs right away, so he began to peel off the wrapper and put each little piece on the floor.  Then he realized there was a mess of wrappers on the floor that he could not live with.  Before he could eat his egg, he picked up his wrappers, ran to the garbage can, and threw them away!  I love his little personality, but seriously....WHAT KID DOES THIS?!?

Grandma and Papa sent Hayden some binoculars!  I thought they would either be a huge hit, or he would be completely afraid of them.  Thankfully, he loves them!  I think they'll be well used this summer.

Digging the Bino's!

Auntie  Deena sent Mr. Taylor a pair of Huskie booties!  He loves them!  My parents sent him a Huskie outfit, but I put it in the wash so he can wear it soon.

I am unhappy to report that Taylor did NOT like the little hat that came with his jammies.  We tried it twice, and each time he screamed!  The second we took it off, he was fine.  Silly kid!

Happy Easter to our friends and family!


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  2. Matching pajamas, my favorite! Cute, cute pictures.