Sunday, March 17, 2013

Good Morning!

This morning I slept in.  Paul got up with the kids.  He changed both of their diapers, fed Hayden, and then started making french toast and bacon for the two of us.  While all of this was happening, I heard Taylor scr-REAM-ing his head off!  I got up to find this:

Taylor 5 weeks 4 days/Hayden 2 years 

Taylor had been starving (apparently), so Paul made him a bottle and was teaching Hayden how to feed it to him.  SO CUTE!!  Hayden was listening to all of daddy's instructions and was so proud of himself.

Someday son, you will appreciate bacon!

Hayden saw me eating a peice of bacon and said, HUMMMyyyyyyyy!  (which means yummy).  He reached for my bacon and I handed it over!  (If you know Hayden at all, you know that he's a REALLY picky eater.  I think he's eaten meat about twice in his whole life.)

Bacon Close-up
 Lastly, I had to show off my gorgeous flowers!  Paul came home from working overnight in Boise (so we hadn't seen him for around 36 hours) with these lovelies.  They are so pretty!  Anyone know how to take care of Orchids?

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  1. Hayden looks so different! Glad he's loving his brother!