Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Get to the point, already!

I'm slowly learning as a new mom of two that I need to speed things up.  I'm constantly looking for shortcuts, ways to streamline, the best daily routines to fit everything in, etc.  I've had such a hard time trying to blog with two little ones.  I want to fit in every little detail, but when I try to it seems impossible!  I looked over my past few blog posts are long!  Can we say, 


So I have a problem being concise.  I know.  I always have!  My new goal though is to stop droning on and just get down to what I want to say.  I want to blog more often;  I want more pictures of the boys.  I want to remember everyday moments.  And did I mention I just don't have the time to sit down and write a huge long post anymore?  I have 15 minutes here, and 30 there.

With that said, I bring you MINI POSTS!  Featuring little snippets of our day, a picture or two, and more frequency!

Here's today (ok, and yesterday):

Yesterday Paul came home from work and was ex-AUS-ted.  He plopped down on the couch right as I handed Taylor over so that I could make dinner.  Taylor (of course) fell right asleep for his daddy and let him nap.  Why is that how it always goes?!?


Believe you me, I could have joined them on that couch.  I think we both had 2 hours of sleep that night!

Can you tell Paul had totally woken up when i took this?!?  I  made him close his eyes again so I could get the shot!

And here's my 5 week old today!  His eyes are just gorgeous.  Taylor today is sporting his gray and white, chevron striped, knit blanket that I got from Target.  LOVE it! Hayden thought the baby was cold so he threw it on top of him.  Meanwhile I'm freaking out that Taylor is suffocating to death!  Awwwwwwe, brotherly love:  scaring the crap out of moms since the beginning of time!

picture of hayden on the way....he's still napping!


  1. Very excited for more pictures and posts! And Baby Taylor is a beautiful baby!

    1. thank you--he's only going to get cuter! the picture of him was taken while he was in my arms so it was kind of a crappy angle, and he still has jaundice eyes.