Friday, March 22, 2013

Goooooood NIGHT!

DISCLAIMER:  I don't know what's going on with my blog's formatting right now.  It's not working, which is why some of my writing is center instead of left.  I'll try to fix it later because it's definitely not working right now!

Gooooood NIGHT!  Ha ha, I can't believe what Hayden did this morning!  I was working on getting Taylor calmed down; he is still in his 3wk-8wk fussy phase.  We were all in the living room but at the moment I didn't have a visual on Hayden.  

Hayden at 1 month.

My mistake.

I heard a small tap tap tap and looked over in Hayden's direction.  This smart little boy had found a picture of himself as a baby (I don't know where to put it yet so it hasn't been hung), and retrieved the hammer out of my tool bag.  He was tapping on the glass of the frame trying to break it!  Luckily, I was right there, and Hayden didn't tap very hard.  The picture was fine, but I knew it was someone's bed time!

Taylor at 6wk/2 days.

Taylor has been having issues too; we can't get him to sleep in his bed.  Yesterday we found out that he will fall asleep quite easily in his bouncer.  HALLELU-YER!  (Hello, mine name's Madea!)  For some reason he really likes the position the bouncer keeps him in.  I just enjoy the quiet hour or two that I get!  

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