Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catching Up: Dating Paul

Where to start this charade?  I am way behind.  The next few posts are you catch up on what has happened in the past year.  Enjoy :)

Paul and I met at the end of Summer Session at BYU-Idaho.  The brakes in my car had gone out and I called a friend to see if he would take a look at them.  He brought along his friend Paul and that's how we met.  In the few days before Fall Semester would start, we got to know each other and started dating.  

Only 7 weeks later, we were *unofficially engaged*.  What does that mean?  Well, we had decided on getting married and even picked out a date, but because it was so sudden, I didn't have a ring or anything.  Paul and I hadn't even met each other's parents, and Paul hadn't asked my dad for permission to marry me.  So until December, we kept things pretty quiet until everything was official.  

For Thanksgiving, Paul and I drove over to Washington so that he could meet my family.  We spent the whole week.  
Paul, my dad, and my nephews Calvin and Ammon.
I thought it was so cute that the men of the house all wore green on the same day!  So cute.  I remember Paul was so nervous to meet my dad and talk to him.  The funny part is that they ended up having a lot in common and my dad pretty much fell in love with him!  It's always great to have another guy around in a house full of 6 women.

On Wednesday night, Our whole family went out to Big Al's for some bowling.  We wanted everyone to get together for some fun, but also to celebrate my nephew Stefan's birthday.  Here are some pictures from that night:
Ammon was trying to help the machine pull up bowling balls.  Every time it spit up a ball, he would roll it to its position.  We were all afraid that Ammon would get his fingers smashed!

Vince (Mandy's husband) monkeying around with our niece Emily.

Joey, Calvin, Emily, Stefan, and Mandy being CRAZY!
Everyone makes fun of how I bowl.  I have *barbie hands* and apparently i drop the ball on the floor so hard, Paul is afraid that I'm going to either crack the ball in half, or dent the floor.  Whatever!!

Lesler-Loo Loo (Lesley)
Paul and I :)

My mom and us.  I think Calvin is in the background.
I think Deena took this photo of me.

I think I had just almost dropped the bowling ball on the ground when I was trying to pick it up, and was cracking up.  I turned around to see if anyone had noticed, and there was Deena with the camera.  Whoops!
Stefan, Angela, Joey, and Mandy helping blow out birthday candles.
Deena and Raj.

Ammon made a new best friend in Paul!  He walked right up to Paul and loved him from the second he met him.  In fact, he is the only one that Ammon would go to without screaming!  Sorry Paul...you've got a new lil' buddy for life!

I'm so glad that Paul and I got a chance to make these happy memories together.  Having fun with my family was great.

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