Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching Up: A Few Reception Photos

rexburg reception:
Ok, I promise the wedding part of Paul and my life is almost over!  Ha ha...sorry, I know it's probably getting old by now.  These first photos area time lapse of Paul and I "gently" feeding each other cake.

All is good...

and then I feel Paul is going to be naughty, so I leaned my head back to minimize the damage.

Sure enough....he went in for the kill (so I did too!)

We survived our first fight as a married couple!  Yay!!!  

Paul got cake alllllll over my face and dress, so he helped clean me off.  At least he learned SOMETHING from his mom!  (Just kidding Bonnie!)

And of course this was the top of our beautiful cake.  It was SOOO good.  

I love this lil boy!  My nephew Ammon is his own world.

And of course, the get-away truck.   
After getting in the truck, it was time to start our married life!  Ok....the honeymoon...but It has been one amazing journey!

We got married and made our escape to the Hilton in Idaho Falls.  It's right by the Idaho Falls Temple and the area is gorgeous!  We opened up all of our cards that night and reveled in all of the fun gift cards and cash we got.  Fun night!  

The next day we left for the Salt Lake Airport, destination:  Florida.  We went on a cruise (courtesy of Paul's parents!) to the Florida keys, and Cozumel, Mexico.  Here are some pictures for you!
Beautiful water.

I LOVE this picture of Paul!  He looks so sweet.  Ha ha, he was probably feeling sick.  After the long flights and then getting on the boat, he didn't feel the greatest.  Poor boy!  Doesn't he look cute in his robe though?  We had matching robes :)

Our ship---The Imagination---docked in Mexico.

And of course we had to stop in Mexico at the Three Amigos Cafe!  Awwwe.....look how skinny I was....
When we got back to Florida, we got on another plane and flew back to Vancouver to get ready for our 2nd reception.  I took Paul to Fort Vancouver and the Pearson Air Museum to show him some cool parts of my hometown.  I think he enjoyed it!
Ha ha, he found the canon at Fort Vancouver and HAD to take a picture by it.  

Me by the sign....apparently all historic sites were free that day, so we didn't even have to pay admission fees!  SWEET.

Ok, this would be Paul at the Pearson Air Museum.  My husband is 12.  

vancouver reception:
After our honeymoon we had another reception.  Crazy, right?  I know, but we have a lot of friends that wanted to come.  It ended up being nice to go to Vancouver again and see old friends....and of course my family again.  I know there are some pictures out there somewhere of this reception, but it's going to take me a little while to find them.  Sorry :(

We had our reception, which turned out really well, and then left the next day to make the drive back home to Idaho.  It had been such a long week---by the time we got home, we were dead tired!  Our apartment was an absolute disaster (because we hadn't really had any time to unpack before we had to leave for our flights). We didn't even have a shower curtain!  Showering the next morning was quite interesting.  My amazing husband somehow made it into work that day while I stayed home and tried to get things organized.  On top of that, school would start in the next couple of days, so I had to go buy my books, school supplies, and groceries before all of the new freshmen got to town and cleaned out the local Walmart.  WHEW!  It was such an amazing experience, but I'm glad it's been conquered!!

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