Saturday, January 15, 2011

Catching Up: Engagement Photos

In February, Paul and I went and took pictures for our wedding announcements.  We went with Kim of Courthouse Basement Design.  She did a great job taking our pictures and designing our announcements.  She also gave us a really reasonable deal.  Not that I'm trying to advertise for her, but if you're looking for a good designer and good prices, check out her website :)

Ok, so here are a bunch of the photos that she took of us.  Enjoy :)

I have NO idea what I was looking at...

We asked Kim to put some of our pictures in sepia tones.  I think they looked really cool!

This picture was like near the very end of the photo shoot.  We were so stinking cold by then!

I think it was Paul's idea for him to dip me.  I was worried about this pose....but it turned out to be my favorite!

Kim had us do a kissing pose.  We were so embarrassed because we are not fans of PDA (Public Displays of  Affection), but again, the photo turned out to be one of my favorites,

Ha ha, Paul surprised me with a kiss at the end of the shoot!
All in all, we were really happy with the pictures.  Not long after we got our pictures back, we had Kim design our announcements and we were so happy with them!

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